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11 Things I Learned About Italy

Excuse me, I’m still on Italy time. Last week I was in Italy. Yes, Italy. Not only was I in Italy but I was there, celebrating my Grandmother’s 80th birthday with all of our family. […]

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Five Things : Smell, Travel, July is For Babies, Dole Whip Envy, Espresso

1. SMELL – Remember how we were sick? We’re all pretty much back to normal over here. All except I can’t smell anything. Yes. You read that right. It┬ásounds like an excellent thing to be […]

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Niagara Falls : Summer 2012

As I’ve shared before in the last 5 things post, we did an extended vacation to visit family in the northeast. One of our stops was at Niagara Falls because Bill had never seen it […]

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5 Things : Cleaning, Niagara Falls, Quilts, Fall Garden

1. Cleaning – Last night I got the fry bug, ie. the insatiable urge to fry everything I could find. I should note that I don’t fry things. Well not often. The last thing I […]

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A Glimps of Vermont, Winter, and Peacefulness

I was pulling together a few photos from Vermont for a friend and stumbled upon this one. I realize I was supposed to share more from my Vermont Trip this February, but it just hasn’t […]

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Vermont Photographs 1

It’s taken me a while to get to these photos. I’ve been playing catch up and to be honest partially avoiding them. While in Vermont I really took some time to challenged myself as a […]

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The Photography Chronicles ~ 34

House. Of. Pies. Go there. This is the paper menu that sits under your food on top of brown diner tables. The waitresses still wear those diner dresses. And they have the best food and […]

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A Cruise Vacation

If you thought I might have been MIA for the last week, then you’re right, I was. Bill and I along with two of our favorite families went on a 5 night 6 day cruise […]

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The Photography Chronicles ~ 28

Meet my husband’s cool side…yellow harley. I had heard rumor and legend of how he had bikes for most of his teens and early twenties, that he had a bike before his car. But I […]

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The Photography Chronicles ~ 27

Bill lived in Myrtle Beach, SC for about 6 months while we were dating. I went to visit him for a few days in the Spring as well as meet his parents and grandmothers (yes […]

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