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The Photography Chronicles ~ 11

Since its the new year I’ve been thinking about all the fun annual things that are soon to be here. One of the largest events of the year, and one of my favorites is The […]

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The Bathroom Remodel, Under $500

I’ve been busy. Life has sort of taken me by storm. In the midst of it all, while trying to do some simple painting in our hall bathroom, I noticed a small little thing…the vanity […]

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My Husband will be a Texan Yet

Bill at Buccee’s (a Texas Tradition), it was his first time. If I haven’t mentioned before my husband is from Philadelphia so all this Texas stuff is really foreign and kinds scary to him. I […]

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Forbidden Photography Adventure: Remember the Alamo

This passed weekend we took about 20 or so 13-18 year olds on an overnight trip to San Antonio, Texas and Six Flags. So fun. It amazed me how many of these students had never […]

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Arms Like Jello

Bill and I have been hard at work today, we did the lawn (he mowed while I edged), cleaned the house, painted my office, put everything back in my office, went through an incredible amount […]

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It’s been weeks, I’m so sorry

Welcome summer. Welcome. This is the first summer I’ve craved summer break. I mean crave. Like a PMSing 16 year old craves chocolate. This could be for one of two reasons, or both. A. I […]

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46 Families, 2 Hours

Can I shoot 46 families, or rather 46 combinations of about 40 families in the course of 2 hours? Why yes I can. Its kinda crazy, and it takes a lot of excellent planning and […]

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Burger King has Changed

To be completely honest and horribly truthful I really enjoy fast food, but I am a fast food snob. I really only enjoy Jack in the Box, Chick-Fil-A, and Taco Cabana. I also am a […]

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Friday Flights~Vol 4

I know I’ve missed a few Fridays, but this one is kinda different. Its not particularly on the list, but its something I want for others. I Want A New Marriage. Not for me, not […]

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Bits O’ Weekend ~ three

I’m seriously behind on blogging, most of these photos are from two weekends ago. I’ll have this weekend up asap! Still other than our first anniversary this weekend, last weekend was MUCH more eventful. So […]

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