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I Feel the Need to Get My Hands Dirty

I want to put my hands in the dirt. I want to feel cool soil under my finger tips. I want to grow things. Spring is officially here. I’m still learning a lot about my […]

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The Photography Chronicles ~ 10

I know you’re not supposed to lust…but seriously…Ethan Allen has captured my heart with this display. Bill and I visited Ethan Allen while we were waiting to close on our house back in March of […]

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The Plant Swap, Be Still My Heart

For as long as I can remember my mom has always been a gardener. When I was very young and my parents were still married, they had a large vegetable garden. I remember picking the […]

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House Makeover Overload

The weekend…well last week, has been spent working on the house. We’ve been patching walls, painting, updating hardware, and building new furniture. A friend even trash picked the perfect coffee table which I have major […]

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Arms Like Jello

Bill and I have been hard at work today, we did the lawn (he mowed while I edged), cleaned the house, painted my office, put everything back in my office, went through an incredible amount […]

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Friday Flight~Vol.5

The Office. Not the show. The place where I work. Though the show is quite awesome and I would really love a general “office” sign for my door. Anyways. Its the first room I’ve really […]

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Please Toe Nail Don’t Fall Off

My birthdays, on the average, are synonymous with bad events. Usually there are high lights to the birthday week, but more often than not something super crappy happens that kind of brings down the overall […]

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Geckos In My Sink

So there are these weird clear/white gecko lizard things that are here in Spring, Texas that we DO NOT have in the city of Houston. We have the green ones that change colors and have […]

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Bits O’ Weekend ~ three

I’m seriously behind on blogging, most of these photos are from two weekends ago. I’ll have this weekend up asap! Still other than our first anniversary this weekend, last weekend was MUCH more eventful. So […]

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