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A Home Maternity Session, Spring, TX

Back in the summer of 2009 when we first moved back to Houston, Kamee and Jarod were the first people in Houston to hire me. I remember well the moment Kamee walked up to me in church and asked me to take photos of her and Jarod. They believed in me at a time where Bill and I were in a whirlwind of change, disappointment and newness. All I knew at that time was that I wanted to keep shooting and they gave me the encouragement to keep going and to reestablish my business here in Houston. They also became amazing couple friends, we celebrated life together.

But sometimes paths deviate from each other, for years at a time. And in another whirlwind of life change Jarod and Kamee left to work over seas for several years and we lightly kept in touch on Facebook. They were living a life thousands of miles away and we were living our lives here, with a growing business and a growing family.

Then surprisingly, sometimes, life paths come back together in the form of a maternity photo session.

During their own whirlwind of change Kamee sent me a Facebook message and asked me to shoot their maternity session. I was honored. Not only because I was going to get to photograph them, especially at this joyous time, but because they thought of me, even after our paths had been so far apart for so long. During the session, which we shot in their new home, it was like they had never left. We picked up where we left off, except for with a bit more knowledge about photography, birth, babies and parenthood.

I am thrilled to have them back in our lives, and to share with them in this amazing thing that is being a parent. It took everything in me not to cry while sitting in Starbucks, editing this session. They are such beautiful people and they are going to make the most amazing and loving parents. I am over the moon for them, and here are their photos…

Spring Texas Maternity Photographer Spring Texas Maternity Photography Crossfit Maternity Photographer The Woodlands Texas Maternity Photographer Spring Texas Maternity Photographer Spring Texas Maternity Photographer

These photos are black and white heavy. I’ve been thinking a lot about my days shooting black and white film, and hours in the darkroom and while editing the light and emotion of these images reminded me of film, very raw, very honest and natural.

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A Maternity Photo Session and What I Learned About Chiggers

Maternity sessions are quickly becoming one of my favorite sessions to shoot. I didn’t really appreciate them as much until I was pregnant. I know the emotion and the excitement and the fear first hand and it makes each maternity session all the more exciting. It truly is a celebration of the couple, and their last time as just being two as well as a celebration of the life shortly to come.

A quick look through my work and you’ll notice I’ll do a photo session pretty much anywhere. The more exotic, the more off the wall, the more rural the better. When Bethia told me that her husband Joel had found a great set of abandoned silos and some sweet farm land I was all for it. Fast forward to two days later and I was covered with little tiny red bumps that itched more than any fire ant bite I’ve ever gotten. I had been bitten, by chiggers, and this is what I learned…

1. Chiggers do not bury themselves into your skin, this is a myth.
2. They inject an enzyme into you that makes your skin somewhat deteriorate and then they eat it through a feeding tube. (total violation)
3. Its the juvenile form of the chigger that actually bites you (teenage angst at its finest).
4. They like areas where the skin is thin or where they can hang out…like the back of my knees, which were basically just pure red because all their little dots just ran right together.
5. If two people are standing right next to each other, one person may get tons of bites and the other may not. Which was why neither Bill nor Bethia (thank God) got any bites while Joel and I were covered.
6. After ever rural shoot I am now requiring myself to shower immediately and burn wash my clothes. Staying in them all day makes it worse, much, much worse.

All the bites, redness, insane itching and general discomfort were totally worth it because the photos from the session turned out fantastic. Joel and Bethia also happen to be friends of mine who I’ve shot countless times so they are old pros at this point. It’s been fun to watch them from our first photo session when I was first starting out, trying to build a portfolio and they were just dating, to an engagement session, to bridal portraits, to their wedding, to a post wedding session, to their anniversary and now their maternity photos. I will say right now it’s going to take everything within me not to jump on a plane the moment that baby girl is born so I can take her newborn photos (even then, I just might). Anyways, without further ado, here’s a few of my favorites from their maternity session.

 driver maternity photography houston

driver maternity photography houston

driver maternity photography houston

driver maternity photography houston

Seriously, some of my favorite images! Also you should note the photo on the bottom left is a total joke. We had grand plans to do all of the over done, cliche maternity photo prop things all in one image and it just didn’t happen. So instead there’s this, which makes me giggle. Thank you Bethia and Joel for letting me take your maternity photos, I am SO excited for you guys and can not wait to hold that baby girl!!

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And Then There Were Three

Meet the Cullens (no vampires here). They are dear friends and a fantastic family, and soon they will be a family of three. I was honored to be able to capture this time in their life.

To see more visit the brand new diliberto photo & design facebook page! Visit http://www.facebook.com/dilibertophotoanddesign and like us. :)

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