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I shot my husband.

Not too long ago Bill and I were either driving in the car or sitting in bed, or one of those places where toddlers are either in bed asleep or tied down and thus somewhat […]

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The Photography Chronicles ~ 42

This week my dear husband is one year older. This is a cake I made him for his twenty-something-ith birthday. It was before we got married. Happy birthday love, I’m very glad you were born. […]

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The Photography Chronicles ~ 32

This is Bill’s would-be tattoo. He explained it to be back when we were dating so I drew it on him. He’s like me, going back and forth between getting a tattoo and not. His […]

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The Photography Chronicles ~ 31

I think this is just far too fantastic for me to comment.

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The Photography Chronicles ~ 30

This is one of my favorite photos of Bill and I. I’m not sure if we were engaged yet but we were definitely really really happy. It may have been the putt-putt golf or the […]

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The Photography Chronicles ~ 28

Meet my husband’s cool side…yellow harley. I had heard rumor and legend of how he had bikes for most of his teens and early twenties, that he had a bike before his car. But I […]

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The Photography Chronicles ~ 27

Bill lived in Myrtle Beach, SC for about 6 months while we were dating. I went to visit him for a few days in the Spring as well as meet his parents and grandmothers (yes […]

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Saturday Morning Breakfast with Bill

Saturday mornings I get up and I make breakfast for my family. At the moment thats just Bill and our Sam dog but its one of the main highlights of my week. Its nothing special, […]

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Those Moments :: 1

Those Moments are those great single moments in life that you experience with someone you love…those moments when you laugh until you can’t breathe. Those moments you want to tell the world about because they […]

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Anniversary Weekend ~ Part Tres

Sunday was pretty relaxed. We ate breakfast at District 7 again and waited for my mom to pick us up from the hotel (we had abandoned our car at her house). We said hi to […]

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