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Riann’s One Year Photo Session

I can not believe Riann is a year old.

It seems like only yesterday we were at the farm shooting Kristen’s maternity photos and Riann’s newborn pictures (even though she was several weeks old cause decided to come extra early), and then her six month pictures. I’m going to blink my eyes and then I’ll be shooting her senior graduation photos. Where does the time go?

It’s been so fun to watch her grow and develop into this little lady with her own personality and a complete honor to photography her through the stages. It was so fun to be a part of her one year photos too. We decided to do her one year session on the beach as a nod to her surprise birthplace in San Fransisco. It was her first time in the sand and surf and it was so fun watching her experience it all. She was very clearly a lover of the water…here’s a lot of images.

Beach Photographer

Surfing Photography Galveston, TX

Photographer Galveston, TX

Beach Photographer

Surfing Baby

Smash Cake Photography

Smash Cake Photography

Smash Cake on the beach

Surfing Baby Photographer

She did indeed ride the waves.

Baby Photographer

We’d sit her down for a shot and within seconds she’d be crawling back into the surf!

Family photographer Galveston, TX

Beach Baby Photography

(In case you forgot we’re in Texas.)

Baby Photographer

Family Photographer Galveston, TX

Family Photographer Galveston, TX

Happy birthday baby girl, I’m so glad I get to know you and your awesome parents!

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Fish Teeth

Last weekend some good friends of ours came down from Oklahoma to visit. We spent one day at the beach, one of my favorite places on the planet. We walked out onto one of the jetties and there were two men down there fishing.

Bethia and Joel are so great and have promised to come back to the beach with us for me to shoot their engagement photos…you know, when that whole engagement thing happens.

And so Bill and Joel can take more manly pictures together.

Ok so I peaked into the bucket those two guys were putting all their catch in. THAT FISH HAS TEETH!!! Like real buck teeth! What the heck. I had no idea that they had teeth like this, like maybe little nub teeth but these teeth not only freak me out but they make me imagine that that fish was the nerdy fish of his school. That his laughed sounded like ‘ga-huck’, and maybe he wore glasses. And he most definitely had a pocket protector. Ok…exit my weird day dream.

Then we drove up the sea wall and found Ritas!! SEE!! Ritas sells water ice and custard, and they are from Philly (also where Bill is from). So basically he and I freaked out. If you ever see one you need to go. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

I think Bethia liked it too. :)

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The Photography Chronicles ~ 13

And in contrast of last weeks Photography Chronicles (and for all of those living in the wintery north), a little warmth. This was taken on a private island in the Bahamas in October of 2009. It was absolutely breath taking. I had no idea that these kinds of places actually existed. I just thought all those crazy beautiful photos were super enhanced. No my friends, they exist. Its like the colors are brighter there, its the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced. The water is clear. The sand is white and warm. I could definitely live there.

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