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11 Things I Learned About Italy

Excuse me, I’m still on Italy time. Last week I was in Italy. Yes, Italy. Not only was I in Italy but I was there, celebrating my Grandmother’s 80th birthday with all of our family. […]

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A Photo Session Family of Three, Tulsa, OK

I have waited to take pictures of this peanut for one year. I’ve taken pictures of her parents when they were dating, while they got engaged, their engagement photos, at their wedding, and a couple’s […]

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Niagara Falls : Summer 2012

As I’ve shared before in the last 5 things post, we did an extended vacation to visit family in the northeast. One of our stops was at Niagara Falls because Bill had never seen it […]

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5 Things : Cleaning, Niagara Falls, Quilts, Fall Garden

1. Cleaning – Last night I got the fry bug, ie. the insatiable urge to fry everything I could find. I should note that I don’t fry things. Well not often. The last thing I […]

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Michael & Laura :: A Tulsa, Oklahoma Wedding Part 1

I should have a card board sign that states “Have Camera, Will Travel”. I love what I do and I love to travel so when a bride and groom ask me to travel (anywhere) to […]

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5 Things : Sun Tans, Puppies, Weekend Trips, First Fruits, New Things

1. Sun Tans – A few months back my doctor told me my vitamin D levels were low and that I should take supplements. I thought it would be more efficient if I just relaxed […]

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A Glimps of Vermont, Winter, and Peacefulness

I was pulling together a few photos from Vermont for a friend and stumbled upon this one. I realize I was supposed to share more from my Vermont Trip this February, but it just hasn’t […]

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My Camera Smells Like BBQ

Bill and I have been a tad under the weather but on Saturday we loaded up with some allergy medication and spent close to 10 hours at the 2012 Houston Live Stock Show & Rodeo […]

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Vermont Photographs 1

It’s taken me a while to get to these photos. I’ve been playing catch up and to be honest partially avoiding them. While in Vermont I really took some time to challenged myself as a […]

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A Short Semi Hiatus

Vermont has been a bit of a hiatus for me. I’ve been spending a lot of time in reflection and mind sparking conversations about art and theory and life. My brain is reeling with ideas. […]

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