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The Big Taste 2015

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen a few posts about the award I designed for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Houston for their annual Big Taste of Houston. It […]

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The Day B.B. King Came to My House for Dinner

In second grade I sold enough World’s Finest chocolate bars and chocolate covered almonds to reach the top tier prize group, the one where you get your pick of a shiny new bike, remote control […]

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I’ve Been Writing In My Head

Throughout the day I write blog posts in my head. It’s weird. I think of great topics, and things to say and antidotes and puns, all while changing a diaper or vacuuming or washing that […]

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Christmas Tree Farm and Santa

September through December is really busy here in the photography world, lots of family photo sessions and traveling and seniors who are super on the ball or trying to make yearbook deadlines on top of […]

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7 Tips On What to Wear for Holiday Photos

Typically during our session consults we go over clothing ideas and how to pick clothes that are right for your family for your photo session, but since we’re doing snowy mini holiday sessions this year and I’m […]

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In a Whirlwind I Need A Moment, 5 Things

At this very moment I have 100 things to do, but I need just a moment to post a personal blog. To make it short and sweet I’ll go with the 5 things format because […]

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Issa’s Very First Day of School

I definitely thought I’d be more emotional. The hardest part was leaving her while she was crying, but sighing a great sigh and meeting up with our parent friends (who also have kiddos in Issa’s […]

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Five Things : Smell, Travel, July is For Babies, Dole Whip Envy, Espresso

1. SMELL – Remember how we were sick? We’re all pretty much back to normal over here. All except I can’t smell anything. Yes. You read that right. It sounds like an excellent thing to be […]

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We’re Real Sick Over Here

I’m 8 tissue boxes deep in some real gross crud. Issa was sick first and as any mom knows that’s basically the worst. Seeing your baby sick evokes the most helpless feeling imaginable. Right as […]

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Blueberry Picking and Making Memories

Issa’s favorite food right now are blueberries, which she excitedly calls “boo-bees”. So when Bill and I woke up Saturday morning I looked at him and said “lets go picking, blueberries or blackberries?” There wasn’t […]

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