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In a Whirlwind I Need A Moment, 5 Things

At this very moment I have 100 things to do, but I need just a moment to post a personal blog. To make it short and sweet I’ll go with the 5 things format because […]

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Five Things : Smell, Travel, July is For Babies, Dole Whip Envy, Espresso

1. SMELL – Remember how we were sick? We’re all pretty much back to normal over here. All except I can’t smell anything. Yes. You read that right. It┬ásounds like an excellent thing to be […]

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5 Things: Visitors, Gender, Halloween, Registry, A Fuzzy Elephant

1. Visitors – Two of our very good friends, Joel and Bethia came for a 10 day visit! There was a brief three day hiatus where they drove an hour or so south and adventured […]

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Five Things: 3DCAMP, Hummingbird, Eclipse, Whole Foods, Quilt

1. 3DCAMP- Last Saturday was 3DCAMP! I’ve shared a lot about how we’ve been helping them out with a logo design and marketing and how they were on the news. But seriously the event went […]

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5 Things: Fall, Work, Seniors 2013, Workshop, Doggie Diet

1. Fall – I’ve decided. I’m ready for fall. Really, really ready. I’m ready for the smells of fall: pumpkin pie, cinnamon, nutmeg and fire pits. I’m ready for the cool breezes. I’m even ready […]

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5 Things : Cleaning, Niagara Falls, Quilts, Fall Garden

1. Cleaning – Last night I got the fry bug, ie. the insatiable urge to fry everything I could find. I should note that I don’t fry things. Well not often. The last thing I […]

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5 Things : Sun Tans, Puppies, Weekend Trips, First Fruits, New Things

1. Sun Tans – A few months back my doctor told me my vitamin D levels were low and that I should take supplements. I thought it would be more efficient if I just relaxed […]

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5 Things: Raw Milk, Ten, Yard Work, Youth, Puerto Rican Food

1. Raw Milk– I spent all of last Thursday on Gramen Farm in Tomball, Texas, starting the work on a brand new project. A cow licked my arm. Their tongues are HUGE. I learned tons […]

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Five Things : Galveston/Anniversary, Busyness, Photographer, Garden, Fabric

1. Galveston- Just after Easter Bill and I went to Galveston, TX to shoot Riann’s one year photos and decided to use the time there (since we had to get a hotel anyway) as a […]

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Five Things : Tulsa, 27 Gigs, RAM, Babies, To Do

1. The Tulsa Trip – It was a great success. Lots and lots of photo sessions. Lots of good quality time with some friends, leaving me incredibly thankful for the people in my life. To […]

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