7 Tips On What to Wear for Holiday Photos

Typically during our session consults we go over clothing ideas and how to pick clothes that are right for your family for your photo session, but since we’re doing snowy mini holiday sessions this year and I’m not able to talk in depth with every client I thought I’d post a handy tips list.

7 Tips on what to wear for holiday photos. How to put a group of outfits together. From @dilibertophotoanddesign

1. Choose a Style
There’s a lot here, I always start with casual, dressy, or somewhere in between. From there you could go rustic (think red plaid shirts, jeans and snow boots), glam (glittery dresses, furry vests and suits), western (red western shirts and cowboy boots), pajamas (Christmas PJs, long underwear), hipster (scarves, skinny jeans and toms), etc. When deciding on a style go with the style of your family, if you’d never be caught dead in western wear, don’t wear it for your family session, you’ll never feel quite happy with the photos. Once you choose a style you can start narrowing down your clothing options.

what to wear for photos

2. Choose a Color Palette
Understanding color is a subject I could go on and on about. But really what you’re looking for is a color palette of 2-4 colors. Pantone, the godfather of color (if you will), puts out a fashion report every fall and spring that will show you what colors are in for the coming season. You can find that here. It’s like your cheat sheet for color. From that large color palette choose 2-4 colors that you love. Then look for things in those ranges. Clothing designers base their designs on what colors are in for the season so you should have no problem finding these colors in stores.

PantoneFall2014-What to wear for family photos

3. Don’t Be Matchy Matchy
Remember it is not 1990 and we won’t all be in jeans and white t-shirts (sigh, this was a sad time for family photos). You want everyones clothes to go together, but not match exactly. That’s why choosing a style and color palette is so important, they give you the parameters to keep everyone’s looks similar without looking like uniforms or landing you on Awkward Family Photos.

4. Mix Patterns
You can mix patterns. Mom can wear a polka dot shirt, while dad wears a striped sweater and little Sally is in a dress with birds all over it. A mix of patterns can make the photos more interesting and break up the monotony of all solid colors. If the patterns are all in the same color palette they will all go together without looking silly. But, like with everything, you can over do this, so keep it simple but don’t be afraid.

Patterns-What to wear for family photos

All patterns above can be found on clothing at Gap.

5. Enjoy the Layers
Layer up!! These are holiday photos, wear a t-shirt under a half zipped hoodie with a puffy vest on top! Give little Johnny some skinny jeans, a button up shirt with a sweater over it and a fedora. Dads, wear scarves. Moms, cuff your blazer so we can see the lining. Layering clothing adds depth to the outfits and your pictures, plus it’s really easy to toss off the first layer of coats and have a totally different clothing option without an actual clothing change. Wink wink, make those mini sessions count for all their worth.

what to wear for photo shoot

6. Accessorize
This sort of goes with the layers but remember your accessories. For ladies, scarves, earrings, leggings, tights, necklaces, belts bracelets and rings are all things to remember. For the little ladies, hair bows, tights and hats. For the guys there’s hats, belts, scarves, bow ties and sunglasses. Accessories finish off the outfit. AND for the whole family do not forget to think about shoes. Holiday photos are a great time to show off those boots we only get to wear once or twice in Houston. Make sure your shoes (for the whole family) go with the style and color palette of your look. And please, remember socks for the men! If we do a seated pose those socks will show and if he’s wearing dark slacks or jeans I promise those white socks he swore would never show up in the pictures, are the only thing you’re going to see.

how to choose clothing for photo sessions

7. When in Doubt, Look to the Mannequins
Clothing retailers want you to buy clothes. They spend tons of money paying stylists to come dress the mannequins in their stores. If you go to somewhere like Gap or Old Navy, where they have styles for the whole family, you can literally purchase exactly what is on the family of mannequins at the front of the store and be ready to go with the perfect look. You can also just observe them, look at the layers they’ve included, the mix of pattern, the accessories, the color palette, the style. It’s a visual cheat sheet. If you don’t want to buy exactly those items, or if they’re not in the color palette you prefer, take notes of what you like and go find those things elsewhere.

Other Resources
Over the years we’ve put together clothing guides for our clients, you can find them here, here, and here. While some of the items in these guides may not me “in” you can still check them out to see examples of some of out tips above and how to put things together.

You can also take a look at popular retailers websites. Many have look books or promo videos highlighting outfits and combos.

Lastly, stay tuned to our blog and our Facebook page! We’ll be posting tips, links to cool ideas and more throughout the season.

How do you choose your holiday photo session ensembles? Did you find any of these tips helpful?

SNOWY Holiday Mini Photo Sessions, Spring and Houston TX

It is with great excitement that I announce we will be shooting Snowy Holiday Mini Photo Sessions this year on Saturday, December 6th!! Yes I said snow! I didn’t want to announce it when we first announced our mini sessions because it wasn’t 100% happening yet, but now friends, it’s happening!! SNOW in Houston, TX!

What it Includes
The mini session includes your 15 minute photo session and 25, 5×7″ Flat Holiday Cards customized with your photos. We will also be offering additional Holiday Cards, $10 off per pack of 25 as well as additional discounts on prints and products. We’re streamlining our process so that you’ll receive cards in time to send out for Christmas as well as any prints and products in time to give away as gifts.

Who Mini Sessions are For
These mini sessions are great for whole families, couples, or just the kids. I’m thrilled to be putting together a custom holiday set with snow for these sessions and can’t wait to show you a preview later this month.

Get Free Stuff
Share this link or the flyer on our facebook page with family and friends. For every friend who books you’ll get $15 in print credit good towards photo prints from your mini session. Yes, free $15, and there’s no limit. It’s awesome.

How to Book Your Mini Session
To book all you need to do is give us a call (number is on the flyer below) or fill out this form, it’s that easy! We’ll call you to book your time and then we’ll e-mail you a PDF with a bunch of additional information as well as send you a paypal invoice for the fee. Please note your session is not officially booked until we receive payment.

For all the little details check the image below. Also make sure you stay tuned to our Facebook page as we’ll be posting clothing ideas and previews of the set design as well as some previews of the card designs you’ll have to choose from.

Holiday Mini Photo Sessions with Snow in Houston , TX



Aaron Senior Photos 2015, Spring, TX

Every year I shoot about half as many guy senior photos as I do girls, so it’s always a pleasure when I have a senior guy who is totally willing to do whatever for his senior session. Meet Aaron. During our session consult I could tell he was pretty laid back and didn’t have any huge expectations but was also up for just about anything. So on one of the first chilly days of the year (after rescheduling because of rain) we went out to one of my favorite new locations and did his senior session. He has an infectious smile and I’m just thrilled with his photos.

Senior photos spring texas high school Senior photoa tomball texasSenior photographer spring texas high school Senior photographer spring texas

Two Sisters and a Smash Cake, Spring TX

Believe it or not these two sisters have two older sisters and I’ve shot both of them too. There’s Jessica’s senior session and Melissa’s senior session and more recently Melissa’s engagement session. This was my first time photographing Madison and Kaylee and I’m loving the outcome. They’re sweet little ladies with very different personalities, Kaylee wanted to explore and pick up leaves and sticks and Madison didn’t want to stand in the grass barefoot to change her shoes. It was a fun and slightly chilly sunrise session but both girls did awesome.

Family Photographer Tomball TX One Year Photos Spring TX Family Photographer Spring TX Family Photos Spring TX Family Photographer Tomball TX

A 2015 Senior Swimmer, Hannah, Houston TX

When Hannah contacted me for her senior session and told me she is a swimmer I was absolutely thrilled. I’ve been wanting to do some water shots and this was a perfect opportunity.

We started her session by doing some traditional shots in her amazing backyard and on her childhood treehouse. Then we headed to her neighborhood pool where she’s been swimming for basically her whole life. There is a moment in every session I do where a client opens up to me through my camera. It’s a moment in which they become vulnerable and I get to see who they really are. I’m not even sure if they realize this happens but for me it does and it’s the moment we get some of the best photos. Sometimes its after we have a good laugh about something, or when Bill does something silly, but with Hannah it was the moment she entered the pool. I could tell that this was her happy place, her peace, her zen if you will. It was so exciting to capture it and an honor as well. Thank you Hannah for sharing that with me, and for being so very willing to try all kinds of things, jump in and out of the pool and teach me a little about swimming.

Senior Photographer Houston Senior Swimmer Photography Swimmer Photographer Houston Senior Photographer Houston TX Senior Swimmer Photography

In a Whirlwind I Need A Moment, 5 Things

At this very moment I have 100 things to do, but I need just a moment to post a personal blog. To make it short and sweet I’ll go with the 5 things format because that’ll give me the moment I need without this taking up too much of my time and so…

1. Large Storms, Circling and New Orleans

We were in Philadelphia last week visiting my in-laws and a ton of my husbands family and friends. Most had never met Issa but it was a fun time that was filled with lots of food and family and Amish. Yes Amish. But that’s for a later date.

On the flight home, we start to descend and then the pilot announces that we’re going to circle Houston a while because winds are at 75 miles per hour on the ground. So we circle, and circle and about 45 minutes to an hour later the pilot lets us know that we’ll be making a quick detour to New Orleans because the winds are still too high and we’re running out of fuel. So our 3 hour flight turned into a 6 hour flight with a brief and unexpected stop in NOLA.


2. I’m Waiting and It’s Hot

Our A/C is out. It’s hot. We’re big time DIYers, but for some things you have to call in the professionals. I’m currently waiting for the A/C guy to come save us from the heat. Yes it’s still 90 degrees in Houston in October. But don’t feel sorry for us, it’ll be 65 when it’s freezing and snowy up north. In the mean time, it’s hot. The bright side is this didn’t happen in August when it’s really hot. I’m choosing to focus on that and not the heat, or the cost to fix it, or that my daughter may wake up when the A/C guy starts poking around in the attic. It could be hotter. It could be hotter.

3. It’s Busy Season Again

Somehow I’m never fully prepared to fall busy season. I need to put a yearly reminder in my calendar to start psyching myself up for the madness that is about to ensue. Even though it’s busy and I have no downtime I still love it because I’m creating and doing and it’s awesome and amazing images come out of this time. It also helps me look forward to the holidays because by the time Thanksgiving rolls around things will calm down to a steady pace and I’ll get to enjoy family time and pumpkin pie and tree decorating and those sorts of things.

4. Things In My Head

Sometimes I have something in my head, a vision for a photo or shoot or something and I just have to get it out. It gnaws at me. It pesters. It makes me lay awake at night. Sometimes I sketch it out, and that helps, it gets it out of my brain and onto paper to be utilized at a later date. But this one was super sticky and I needed to do the shoot. So I found a model, my beautiful mom friend Gyna, and I sewed a gown (yes sewed) because that’s easier that hunting around for what was in my head and we went to a location and I shot. I have so much more to share about this session, and many more images, but for the time being, here’s a favorite…

spring texas maternity photography

My brain is feeling much less full now.

5. 30 Is Coming

In eight months I turn 30. It sort of hit me the other day. It has not yet sunk in, but I’m really thinking about the future, and what that looks like for us and where we want to be. I hear that’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re 30, from a psychology standpoint it’s just want people go through. I’m also thinking about the party, because 30 is really big and I want to do something big, but I have no idea what that something is. Party and everything aside, more than anything I want to own it, I want to own being 30, but in the mean time I’m going to really enjoy the last few months of my 20s.


Abbey, Our First 2015 Senior Photo Session, Spring, TX

Abbey is our very first senior for 2015. I love when seniors decide to shoot in the fall, the weather in Houston is perfect for photo sessions, the skies are beautiful and the plant life is still full and green with just the slightest nod that it’s about to change seasons. Bill and I loved getting to know Abbey and her mom during our pre-session consultation and of course during her session. There was a lot of laughter and ridiculousness because I’m fairly certain we all share the same kind of humor. It was the perfect session to start our 2015 senior season and the fall photography session extravaganza (we’re booked pretty solid with only a few openings remaining before we close up for Christmas).

I’m overjoyed with how Abbey’s photos turned out. We shot very simply and let the terrain and Abbey’s beauty take the lead. It was the kind of session that while editing I just stood back and said wow. And then grabbed Bill to say, “Do you see this image? I took that image!” I’ve really been digging into photography as my art and figuring out where I want to go from here and trying to challenge myself both technically, compositionally and conceptually. So thank you Abbey for allowing me to take these photos of you at this time in your life. Thank you for being my muse for a few hours and letting me create art where you’re the subject. You’re awesome.


Senior Photographer Spring, TX Senior Photographer Tomball, TX Senior Photography Spring, TX Senior Photography Tomball, TX Rural Senior Photographer Spring, TX

A Photo Session Family of Three, Tulsa, OK

I have waited to take pictures of this peanut for one year. I’ve taken pictures of her parents when they were dating, while they got engaged, their engagement photos, at their wedding, and a couple’s family photos. Their photos not only document their lives but also the course of my artwork as a photographer. It nearly killed me that I didn’t get to take Addie’s newborn photos. Distance is a cruel cruel beast of a thing. I did take some not so official photos of her when they met us in Dallas for a one night stay/quick girls get together, but she was sleepy and she bonked her head and while the photos are quite hilarious of her yelling while Issa is trying to console her, the photographer part of me was not at all satisfied.

So when we went to Tulsa for miss Addie’s first birthday, my number one mission was to take photos of them as a family of three and a few photos of that beautiful little girl all by herself. My heart is overjoyed and bursting with love for them. I know it sounds super gushy, but really I can not tell you how much I love this family and that little lady and that our girls are such good friends. Friendship is worth more than anything to me, and their’s is something I treasure.

Ok I’m done gushing. Here are their photos.

family photo session family photo session oklahoma family photographer spring tx family photography family photographer tulsa ok

Baby CoraLee, a Spring, TX Newborn Photo Session

I’ve known these two for some time. They were students in our youth group years ago. I was Amie’s camp counselor and Bill helped teach Corey to play the drums. We’ve watched them grow and mature and now they’re parents themselves. Which all makes me feel very old. It was an honor to capture their little one during her first days of life, when she was still absolutely fresh and new and with that newborn perfection. Now that my little girl is a running, into-everything toddler it makes me appreciate how short that newborn, teeny baby time is.

This sweet little lady gave us some trouble at first, she didn’t want to sleep, but after a few rounds around the block in the car with her daddy she slept perfectly through the remainder of her newborn photo session. She’s a beauty and I’m so happy she’s finally here.

Newborn Photographer Spring TX Newborn Photographer Tomball TXNewborn Photographer TomballNewborn Photographer Spring TX