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Fall and Babies in the Pumpkin Patch

My world has been opened to this whole new variety of things to do, that had I done them without a child, might have just been odd maybe a little creepy. There’s baby play dates, and baby story time at the library and petting zoos and pumpkin patches. Oh pumpkin patches. I remember going with […]

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Back in the Game

Like I’ve said before summer time is dead season for me, photography wise, but as soon as fall hits, right around mid October, it’s game time. This fall photo season started off with a bang, a birthday bang, some sugar, and cake everywhere. My nephew Brandon turned one and I helped celebrate how any photographer […]

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An Unexpected Respite

respite |ˈrespət, riˈspīt| noun a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant Recently while riding in the car I looked at Bill and said, “I’d like to build my vocabulary. You know what I need, word of the day toilet paper.” I love words, especially interesting rarely used ones that perfectly […]

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Testing…testing…is this thing on?

We are alive. In case you were wondering. Busy would be an understatement. Most nights I’ve been awake until at least 2am working, because that’s when it’s quiet around here. And uninterrupted. And peaceful. My days are full of 6-7am wake up calls, making up songs about just about everything, rolling around on the floor, […]

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Cloth Diapering – What We’ve Learned

Long before Issa was born I had considered cloth diapering. I’m a sucker for saving money. I’m also a fan of saving the planet. Also I saw a diaper someone had left in the parking lot of Babies R Us that had been run over and spilled all it’s contents all over. Whatever chemical is […]

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In An Effort To Get Life Off the Hard Drive

The saddest part of my job as a photographer is when a client only orders a few small format prints from their session. In my head I hear the wha-wha sound. I feel like a failure as a photographer. Images are meant to be shared, large, or in a book or someway other than a […]

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Life These Days, Hard and Amazing

Summer is slow season around here as far as photography goes (who wants to take photos in 100+ degrees?) but with Issa I’ve been keeping quite busy. There are good days and there are bad days and lately I’ve been focused much more on the bad days. I think what I’ve been trying to do […]

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Cupcake ATM – Houston

There are a few things I get really excited about… Trader Joe’s coming to Houston, a Whole Foods being built within walking distance from my home, giant sprinklers. Today on the rare occasion that I was in my car commuting at 6:00am I heard some of the most excellent news I’ve heard in a long […]

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A Maternity Photo Session and What I Learned About Chiggers

Maternity sessions are quickly becoming one of my favorite sessions to shoot. I didn’t really appreciate them as much until I was pregnant. I know the emotion and the excitement and the fear first hand and it makes each maternity session all the more exciting. It truly is a celebration of the couple, and their […]

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My High School Reunion

I’m officially old. I have a friend/friend’s daughter who comes to watch Issa once a week so I can get some uninterrupted work hours in. I told her I’d be heading to my 10 year high school reunion and she said she didn’t believe me. Thanks for that Holly. Your disbelief in my elderly reality […]

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