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What Does the Fox Say Party – Issa’s First Birthday

I tend to go overboard for parties, it’s true, and Issa’s first birthday was no exception. In January (her birthday is in March) I started brain storming theme ideas. I’ll never be one to do a character themed party, at least I say that now, there may be tiny child demands for it later. Let […]

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Joe : A Klein Collins Football Senior Photo Sesson

Joe is the oldest in his family. I’ve shot his family several times before, here and here, but it was kind of fun to just focus on Joe and get to know him a little bit better. Joe played football for Klein Collins and is headed to Blinn to play some more football. We had […]

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A Photography Session Among Friends, Spring, TX

When both Jenna and Hannah e-mailed me about doing their senior photography sessions and that they really wanted to do a mini session together I thought sure, why not. It’s always been our policy that if you and a friend book a senior session, we’ll do a free mini session with both seniors. I’m all […]

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A Rustic Senior Photo Session, Hannah

The morning of the day of Hannah’s senior photo session I thought I was going to loose my mind. Issa was having one of those terrible days where babies just cry and scream and you have no idea what’s wrong because they can’t tell you and it could be anything and the few words they […]

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A Senior Photography Session, Jenna

Jenna found me online, but oddly enough that whole six degrees of separation thing worked because she rides horses at the same stables in Tomball, TX that Jaclyn rode at when I did her senior photo session about two years ago. When Jenna filled out her client info form and I read she wanted to […]

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Someone is Stealing Babies

I’ve always had this feeling in the back of my mind that someone might take Issa away from me. The moment I held her in my arms I felt a genuine fear, that at any moment, someone would just walk in and say, no we made a mistake, she’s not yours to keep. I’ve heard […]

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Social Media, Digital Media and Real Life

My (almost) 11 month old is insanely drawn to my iPhone. If it’s sitting anywhere in the house within her reach she goes for it. We decided long before she was born we would never hand her our phone to entertain her, that we’d teach her it wasn’t hers. We even bought a play phone […]

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The Rodriguez Family – A Sun Soaked Winter Family Photo Session

Lori found me through Instagram, through a mutual friend, which kind of blows my mind and totally makes me critique every photo I’ve ever posted on Instagram. It turns out we know a lot of the same people from childhood and on. The world is so small when you get right down to it. Lori […]

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Spinning Wheels

There’s two things happening lately, my brain is reeling, the wheels are turning and turning and turning. I also feel like I’m spinning my creative/business wheels in the mud, spinning with all my might without going anywhere and instead only spurting mud all over everything. Bottom line, I’ve got a lot on my mind: My […]

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4 Baby Products that Saved My Sanity in the First Weeks of Motherhood

Note: I drafted this post months ago and realized it never got posted, so here ya go. I’ll be adding an updated version with the products that have saved my sanity more recently as she’s grown. I’m currently listening to the book Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from […]

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