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Hi, I’m Chris! I’m the brains behind this operation called Diliberto Photo & Design. But I certainly do not do it alone. My business partner/photography assistant/husband/love of my life is just as much a part of this thing as me. He’s encouraging, great at lighting and kid wrangling and he helps me with all the busywork that is part of owning a business. We recently added a new member to our little family, baby Issabella. Her addition has only heightened my love for what I do, capturing a fleeting moment and designing beautiful things (she is my greatest creation after all).


Photography is deep within my blood, probably right along side those chemicals I used to use in the black and white photo labs. There are two things I love about photography. The first is the ability to capture a fleeting moment in time; it’s exhilarating the moment the shutter clicks. The second thing I love is interacting with you, my client. We (myself and my amazing assistant and husband Bill) love being able to get to know our clients and their families. We have the opportunity to quietly observe and capture moments of their love, personalities, movements, gestures and depth. It’s the greatest honor we could ever have.


My theory is that everything in life should be well designed wether it be commercial graphic design or your daughters first birthday invitation. Fueled by a degree in advertising and public relations as well as my past experience serving as a lead designer and marketing manager for several companies; I apply a bit of psychology and design theory to every commercial design, I like to call it smart design or design with a purpose. Our corporate design services include: logo design and branding, advertising and marketing strategy development, print and web design, commercial photography, SEO, and social and creative marketing

When it comes to party designs and photography designs the sky is the limit! I love collaborating with my clients to create something completely custom, bringing their ideas and style to life. When you do what you love for a living your hobbies are also your work which is why I have a line of party printable designs for sale on my etsy shop. It’s my outlet, the thing I do when work is done.

*Photo: Bill, Issa, and myself days after her birth. Photo thanks to my dear friend Ethan Avery Photography.