Photo Class Pricing Change

Since this is our very first every photo class in this format I’ve decided to make a big change on the price. If this class goes well I definitely would like to offer it again in the future, which makes our very first attendees our trial run. I feel like that means they should pay a bit less since they are acting somewhat as guinea pigs. That said, we’re dropping the class from $250 to $99 per person. There will be two changes with this price drop, lunch will no longer be provided (you’ll need to bring a lunch) and the cheat sheet book will be an optional additional purchase at the class.

I’m so looking forward to this class and I’m hoping the price change will make it more available to everyone. For those who have already signed up, we will be refunding the difference to you.


You can still register by clicking here, the new price will be reflected in the registration form. For the ALL the details on the class please click here.

I’ve had several people ask about the photography class and if you can take it even if you don’t have a DSLR camera and just a point and shoot (ie. an iphone camera). The answer is YES. The photo of Issa leaving for her first day of school which is on this blog post was taken with my iphone. You can still take amazing photos of your family events without a DSLR. There will be a portion of the class that won’t necessarily pertain to your camera but a great deal will still apply and you’ll still learn how to take better photos. So yes, please, come!

Diliberto Photo & Design Amature Photography Class

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