Abbey, Our First 2015 Senior Photo Session, Spring, TX

Abbey is our very first senior for 2015. I love when seniors decide to shoot in the fall, the weather in Houston is perfect for photo sessions, the skies are beautiful and the plant life is still full and green with just the slightest nod that it’s about to change seasons. Bill and I loved getting to know Abbey and her mom during our pre-session consultation and of course during her session. There was a lot of laughter and ridiculousness because I’m fairly certain we all share the same kind of humor. It was the perfect session to start our 2015 senior season and the fall photography session extravaganza (we’re booked pretty solid with only a few openings remaining before we close up for Christmas).

I’m overjoyed with how Abbey’s photos turned out. We shot very simply and let the terrain and Abbey’s beauty take the lead. It was the kind of session that while editing I just stood back and said wow. And then grabbed Bill to say, “Do you see this image? I took that image!” I’ve really been digging into photography as my art and figuring out where I want to go from here and trying to challenge myself both technically, compositionally and conceptually. So thank you Abbey for allowing me to take these photos of you at this time in your life. Thank you for being my muse for a few hours and letting me create art where you’re the subject. You’re awesome.


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