I shot my husband.

Not too long ago Bill and I were either driving in the car or sitting in bed, or one of those places where toddlers are either in bed asleep or tied down and thus somewhat distracted. He looked at me and said, “you know, you’ve never photographed me”.

And other than just shooting our lives and whatever we happen to be doing at the moment, he’s absolutely right.

I’ve been shooting some commercial photography work here and there. A friend got me into it. It’s something I’ve always been interested in and have studied on my own. I must say it is really nice to get a specific request and get to sit and think creatively a bit and then go shoot that one thing. It’s a different brain space, commercial photography, and it has been an energizing and inspiring change of pace.

So when I received a request for a bearded hipster male in sunglasses I racked my brain thinking of all of our hipster friends, non of which currently have beards. Then I looked at my husband, smiled and said “I want to take pictures of you”.

We’re closet hipsters so I’m told. So he grabbed a v-neck and his ray bans and I posed him in front of a tree in our front yard. Here are two of my favorite shots.



He did a fantastic job. He’s a good man like that, always willing to participate in one of my hair brained ideas, but not without giving me one of those “you know you’re just a little bit crazy right” looks. And if I do say so myself, he looks quite good.

The mini photo session was short lived though because just after the shot above the sprinklers turned on, not two feet away from us. I leapt out of the spray of the sprinkler onto the sidewalk, shielding my camera with my body while Bill ran and scooped up Issa who was playing at our feet while I shot these.

And there you have it, I shot him, with my camera.

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