Baby Judah and His Family, a Spring, TX Newborn Photo Session

This is a family who is near and dear to my heart. They were some of the first people to reach out to us when we moved (back) to Houston. They took us out to lunch after church one Sunday, neither of us had kids yet and Bill and I had only been married for a few very hard months. They reached out to us and showed us love and have continued showing us love for the past five years. I like to think we do life together.

I was honored to shoot their oldest’s newborn photos three years ago, back when shooting newborns was new to me. I’ve since raised my own newborn, now toddler and have countless newborn sessions under my belt, along with some very excellent mentoring and training from some incredible newborn photographers. Bill is an excellent assistant and baby whisperer so newborn sessions are fun for us, an opportunity to cuddle brand new life and give tired parents a break.

This is probably one of my favorite newborn photography sessions to date and I’m thrilled to share the images with you.

Judah-newborn-01.jpg Judah-newborn-02.jpg

The above image of baby Judah “rock climbing” is a nod to the work artists Adele Enersen in Finland and Queenie Liao in California are creating. While planning their session, Brittany (mom of Judah) mentioned how her husband loves rock climbing. Considering Houston may be the flattest city in the country we were short on mountains. So I asked her if she’d seen Adele’s work and she had so I brought most of the props and they provided the little man and the climbing rope and this is what we came up with.


The three images above, are some of my personal favorites, along with the mother daughter smooch below. Issa kissed me like this today and I immediately thought of this photo.Judah-newborn-04.jpg Judah-newborn-05.jpg Judah-newborn-06.jpg

Thank you for taking a look. And to my dear friends, thank you for allowing me to capture this very short time when Judah is so new, and so small. I’m honored and I hope you love these images as much as I do.

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  1. linda whaley August 9, 2014 at 3:27 pm #

    Such a beautiful family!