Five Things : Smell, Travel, July is For Babies, Dole Whip Envy, Espresso

1. SMELL – Remember how we were sick? We’re all pretty much back to normal over here. All except I can’t smell anything.

Yes. You read that right.

It sounds like an excellent thing to be without when changing a poopy diaper or when the dog lets out a nasty fart, but other than those things it’s pretty terrible. Foods don’t taste right, I can’t tell if things I’m cooking are seasoned properly and much of my baking is based on smell (ie. when I start to smell it it’s done), and I burn bacon, the delicious black forest kind from Whole Foods that’s way more money than any normal person should spend on bacon but I do because if I’m going to eat bacon, I’m going to eat bacon.

I’ve done some WebMD reading and apparently its common after a sinus infection, which is a relief because I was really starting to freak out. I like to smell things.

In other news we’ve started our four months of crazy travel. Issa and I were in Dallas this week for some really fun things I’ll be sharing later. There’s a lot more travel planned with a good amount of photo sessions mixed in. I’m excited.

Diliberto Photo & Design Quote Graphic Photographic Art

I shot the above photo of Issa while she was running out some energy at a rest stop on our way to Dallas.

We’ve also done quite a few newborn photo sessions recently because apparently July is the month to have a baby. In all seriousness three friends/family members had babies within a week of each other, and not all of their due dates where in that time frame.

This also means I’ve been getting a baby fix and have been seriously appreciating the stage Issa is in right now, tantrums and cutting molars and all. She’s learning every day and saying all kinds of words and without fail she makes me laugh out loud at least every few hours because she is a complete goof. If you’re at all curious you can check out my instagram, there’s a lot of her over there.

Diliberto Photo & Design Newborn Photographer Spring, TX

Meet Judah, he was sleepy. More of him later…

 I’ve seen tons of folks (friends and people I follow in instagram) going to Disney lately. I’ve never been a huge Disney person and haven’t really ever considered it a family vacation option until people started posting about dole whip. Now I’m thinking I might need to spend all the money to go there just to go to some random Tiki Bar in the land of Mickey Mouse, lines and heat just to eat the stuff. I don’t even really know what it is, but I’ve ready basically the entire wikipedia page. I can only hope that the wiki page is correct in the list of other places that serve Dole Whip. There are a few not too far from our coming travel plans and we may have to detour just so I can partake.



 5. ESPRESSO – This post is brought to you by the following conversation:

Bill: Let’s eat this chocolate cake, I have milk! (Celebrating my brother’s birthday at Sunday family dinner, Bill has a GIANT glass of milk filled to the tippy top, because when he pours stuff that’s how he does it. He likes to live on the edge, right there on the edge of the glass with liquids almost spilling out. He’s wild.)

Me: (Looking at my dad) Would you like a GIANT glass of milk (he hates milk) or a cup of decaf coffee?

My Dad: Just regular coffee would be great.

Me: Are you sure? I have decaf.

My Dad: No regular coffee is perfect.

Fast forward in that Shaun of the Dead, Edgar Wright close up quick cut shot style: boil water, put espresso roast in french press, pour water in coffee, press coffee, put in favorite mug, add organic half and half, enjoy it with my father and cake. It is now 2:42. My toddler child will wake up in roughly 4 hours. Never again. But you get to enjoy this post, so at least there’s that.

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  1. Heather Simms July 28, 2014 at 5:56 am #

    Hey sweetie… I love the smooth serenity in your words. You make me smile.l missez you. (That’s the Philly peeps sayz it).

    Wooder ice is really good here… wish you were here to go get some with me!

    Can’t wait to see you in MY birthday month…. I’ll be turning 29 FINALLY and becoming a grandmother all within a few weeks… I’m amazing, aren’t I?

    Love you Chris!