Glen & Melissa, A Wooded Engagement Session, The Woodlands, TX

Melissa is a person who is near and dear to my heart. I met her when she was in our youth group years ago. She reminded me of myself at that age and we had a lot in common. I’ve watched her grow, battle, succeed, and excel in life. A few years ago I had the privilege to shoot her senior photos and last week I had the honor of shooting her engagement photos, and next may I’ll be shooting her wedding and I couldn’t be more thrilled. She also was Issa’s nanny for the last 6 months and the fact that she loves my daughter and my daughter loves her makes me love Melissa even more. Glen is marrying a wonderful woman, but he knows that.

Engagement Photography The Woodlands, Texas

Melissa and I worked together to build the woodland magical theme of the session. In the beginning we tossed around a bunch of different ideas but this really fit them. Bill and I made the tent in the photos. He fashioned all the wood for the a-frame tent from this tutorial. During a slow weekday Issa and I ventured to every thrift shop I could think of for crocheted doilies. We scored the mother load for a great price too, as well as a few other treasures. I still needed a few more to finish up the tent so my mom found several that belonged to my grandmother which made this shoot even more special for me. Several late nights and a lot of piecing and whip stitching later, we had a finished tent.

Engagement Photography The Woodlands, Texas Woods Engagement Photography Session Spring, Texas

The wardrobe was 100% Melissa. If I could, I’d have her style all of my clients’ wardrobes because she really does a fantastic job. Don’t believe me, check out her senior session, that was all her too.

Wooded Engagement Photography, Spring, TX Rural Engagement Session Spring TX

The location was a special place they found and spend a lot of time at so it made the whole engagement photo session all the more personal. I am pretty sure I am in love with this location and will most definitely be shooting there again. For the time being, it will be our little secret.

DIY Tent Photography Spring, TX Engagement Photographer Spring TX

And that’s Melissa & Glen’s engagement photo session! Thank you guys for being adventurers and for letting me capture this time and create art with you. I can’t wait to see these images printed and to shoot your wedding next year.

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