A Rustic Senior Photo Session, Hannah

The morning of the day of Hannah’s senior photo session I thought I was going to loose my mind. Issa was having one of those terrible days where babies just cry and scream and you have no idea what’s wrong because they can’t tell you and it could be anything and the few words they can use, flower, balloon, ball, dada, etc. don’t really aid the situation. It was a day I felt guilty, I felt like I couldn’t be a mom and do what I love. I questioned my ability to mother. I questioned God’s trust in me to do both, mother a child and a business. It was, plain and simple, a very hard day.

Fast forward, we dropped Issa off at a friend’s house, I apologized for giving them that kid, in that state. I shook off the unsettled feelings of the morning and went to work, and it was magical. It was a gift of an afternoon. Perfect weather, perfect cloud cover, perfect location. Perfect client.

I’d met Hannah at Jenna’s senior photo session the week prior, so we already had a good rapport. She’s a fantastic person, outgoing and quite funny and she was absolutely natural in front of the camera, her mom attributed this to selfies on instagram and snap chat. Jenna’s brother was kind enough to bring his pristine 1986 GMC truck, which was their parents truck when they were kids.

And while we were doing the session all the stresses of the day washed right away. It was easy. It was energizing, and it affirmed in my heart that this is also my calling and that doing it makes me a better person and thus a better mom to my daughter.

So thank you Hannah for giving me the opportunity to shoot your senior photos. It meant a lot to me.
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