Fall and Babies in the Pumpkin Patch

My world has been opened to this whole new variety of things to do, that had I done them without a child, might have just been odd maybe a little creepy. There’s baby play dates, and baby story time at the library and petting zoos and pumpkin patches. Oh pumpkin patches. I remember going with my grandparents in New York, but we never really went here in Houston, not that I can remember. We always carved pumpkins and roasted the seeds but the pumpkins just appeared or maybe we bought them at the grocery store. Who knows. Regardless, this year, we went to the pumpkin patch at Matt’s Family Orchard.

I searched high and low for a pumpkin patch where you could actually go into the fields and cut a pumpkin off the vine but alas my search came up empty. Well I did find one place but it was quite a drive and I wasn’t that committed to the idea. Maybe one year. Plus I’d always wanted to visit Matt’s and they had pick your own Satsuma Oranges (like clementines) which sounded very fun. And bonus, it’s just down the road from Gramen Farm, a raw milk farm, and one of my favorite places in world.

So we grabbed some of our friends and headed off to Gramen and Matt’s.




Picking oranges reminded me so much of the time right after we found out we were pregnant with Issa, back when she was the size of a sweet pea. We were in NY visiting family and we went cherry picking. It was great fun and Bill is intense about picking, which comes in handy when you’re picking cherries. When you’re picking oranges with his kind of picking intensity you end up with way more oranges than you know what to do with. I’ll be juicing them for sure. But seeing Issa watch him pick things and smelling the leaves and the fruit and just being completely thrilled that she was outside brought a lot of joy to my heart. This kid loves the out doors which makes me crave adventure with her, and open space and dirt. I’m so thankful that she’s ours.


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