Testing…testing…is this thing on?

We are alive. In case you were wondering.

Busy would be an understatement.

Most nights I’ve been awake until at least 2am working, because that’s when it’s quiet around here. And uninterrupted. And peaceful.

My days are full of 6-7am wake up calls, making up songs about just about everything, rolling around on the floor, doing housework one handed, dancing whatever crazy dance will induce a smile and being genuinely in awe of the tiny human that lives in our house. Occasionally there’s an extended nap time (not for me) and I get to sit in front of the computer and answer e-mails and pound away at some work like a normal 9-5er.

So if you receive an e-mail and it’s time stamped at 1:43am don’t judge me. I’m a business owning mom and that’s what life looks like right now. We’re making this thing work.

In other news it’s October. What? Yes. October.

October is our cue for full swing craziness until about May. There’s family photo season (if you want to book do so soon, we’re filling up already) until December. Which always includes custom Christmas cards which makes my heart SUPER happy. Mid October is Bill’s 30th birthday, and yes we’re having a giant party. The fall weddings (because a wedding in June in Houston is a recipe for heat stroke). Then there’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Then the Upside Down Christmas Tree party, plus all the other parties we attend. Oh, then there’s Christmas. And New Years. Then a tiny break during the end of January to Mid February which begins senior season (stay tuned for a little news about that). March is Issa’s one year birthday (WHAT?), and yes there will be another huge party. April is our 5 year wedding anniversary. All this during senior season which lasts until the end of May. Then it’s summer again. Which also means I get to breathe, and sweat.


I’m tired already. Maybe it’s because it’s 1:17am.

Either way, I say all this to say hi, yes, we’re alive and we’re doing some cool stuff. I’m looking forward to sharing more on the blog, not just stuff about motherhood but about all the other stuff too (graphic design, photography, events, etc.) So thank you for your patience. And thank you for reading. There’s still more to come.

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