Cupcake ATM – Houston

There are a few things I get really excited about… Trader Joe’s coming to Houston, a Whole Foods being built within walking distance from my home, giant sprinklers. Today on the rare occasion that I was in my car commuting at 6:00am I heard some of the most excellent news I’ve heard in a long time, Houston is getting a Cupcake ATM.

Yes, a 24 hour cupcake dispenser.

Because things are better when they are dispensed.

It is excellent.


I’d seen photos of the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM, like the one above from my good friend Joanne’s instagram of the one in Beverly Hills. I have yet to visit Beverly Hills since it was installed (another trip to California is long overdue). But rest assured, I will be visiting the one in Houston when it arrives in October.

Bonus, instead of waiting one whole minute for a cupcake as you would have to do at the Cupcake ATMs in Beverly Hills, Dallas, and Chicago the Houston one will be twice as fast. 30 seconds folks. Cause that’s how we do in H-town.

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