Issa’s Newborn Photo Session by Ethan Avery Photography

Working in the photography industry over the years has produced many friends in the industry. These are friends I hold very dear to my heart. We build each other up, bounce business ideas off each other, strengthen each other and photograph each others’ families. We share an art form and I think in some ways that makes us extra connected somehow.

Enter my dear friend Andrea who shot our pregnancy announcement photos, our maternity photos, the birth of our dear Issa girl (story coming soon) and her newborn photos. I owe her huge HUGE because she not only captured these moments in our lives (when I was somewhat preoccupied) but she also put the OCD-I-need-amazing-photos-to-document-this part of my personality completely at ease. I know Andrea, I know her work, and I know she’s going to capture images I love.

Again, it was super weird to be in front of the camera, but way easy because it’s Andrea. It was also incredibly eye opening to FULLY understand my newborn photography clients who apologize over and over about how they’re not quite ready yet (mom is usually putting hair up or makeup on) or about how their baby won’t sleep, cause I was definitely that client. When Andrea arrived it had a been a rough night. I had been up every couple hours with the babe, I was in shorts that should probably be thrown out because I’ve had them since high school and they’ve seen much better days, there were, ahem, milk stains on my shirt and I don’t think I remembered the last time I put makeup on or brushed my hair. Oh and I had given birth some 7 or so days before. Aaaand Issa did not want to sleep. Awesome.

So while Andrea set up I did a quick messy side bun with my hair and put on some makeup, I’m pretty sure I stayed in the shorts. Thanks Andrea for not judging me. We did a few shots with the babe first which are by far some of my favorite photos ever. Then I left the room and Andrea worked her magic taking the what I like to call “squishy baby pictures” of my kid. The photos are amazing and are already littering almost every room in our house.

So without further ado…

This photo is on a giant canvas on a floating shelf in our living room. I should share photos of that…some day.

I LOVE the photo above with Bill and Issa. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like it but I also think he’s insane. First off he looks super sexy (it’s my blog, I can say things like that) and second he’s holding our kid who is fast asleep. She still sleeps on him like that. He’s like the baby whisperer, a master at getting her to sleep and he’s irreplaceable when it comes to assisting me on newborn shoots. Also, side note, that side bun is fantastic for a last minute hair do if I do say so myself. I don’t think I could recreate it that well if I were trying to.

The bottom right photo is also on the floating shelf in our living room, except its in black and white and it’s printed on metal. I’m really into prints on metal these days. I think everyone should have at least one.

And that’s that! Thank you Andrea for being amazing.

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