Moving to NYC

Last night I moved to New York City. I donned a really adorable black pea-coat-trench, some mid-calf boots, colorful tights, and a gray sweater dress and headed to my first movie audition. It was oddly enough much more similar to jury duty selection than the auditions I’d seen on TV and in movies. We all gathered in a big room, the director and a few assistants asked us simple yes or no questions and we raised a number to show our answers. Judges walked through the rows and rows of those auditioning, touching them on the shoulder as a sign that they were out, as if we were in a waltzing competition. As our numbers dwindled the director, a woman with curly reddish blonde hair who looked young from afar but as she got closer her age began to show around her eyes, started to ask us individual questions.

I was sitting towards the back, even though I was one of the first to arrive. As the seats emptied around me my nerves began to vibrate and I loosened the belt around my coat and started to unbutton it as a means to get a tad more air and to not sweat through my dress. This must have caught the directors attention because she asked me my first personal question, which I answered with ease and grace.

Judges continued to touch people on the shoulder until there were rows and dozens of chairs between myself and the next person. When my alone-ness in my area of the room began to make me feel awkward they announced we’d be moving to a conference room. A dozen or so of us walked into a long, narrow, corner conference room with floor to ceiling windows on two sides. We were on a high floor, close to the top and you could see all of New York City bustling around below. We gathered towards the center of the long narrow table as there were many more seats than there were people. The director and her assistants sat across from us and told us about the movie. It was a love story, and it was to be shot in all black and white. They asked a few more questions and we were dismissed. On my way out I shook her hand, thanked her for the opportunity and told her I hopped to see her again at call backs. She assured me I would.


Pregnancy Dream #128

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  1. bridgett November 20, 2012 at 12:05 pm #

    Oh, I was wondering when you were in NY and then I thought it is a figurative NY and then I thought when did she go to this audition and what if she gets it and she is preggers? Then I saw the line under the dotted line. You are strange.

    FYI the audition is a love story it is for the love of your life. Your daughter who you will be bonded to far and above any other in this world. You shared things for 9 months, and will be an eternal love story from her forward.

    You got the part!