5 Things: Visitors, Gender, Halloween, Registry, A Fuzzy Elephant

1. Visitors – Two of our very good friends, Joel and Bethia came for a 10 day visit! There was a brief three day hiatus where they drove an hour or so south and adventured around Galveston in celebration of their one year anniversary. But the rest of the time they hung out with us. We watched a bit of The Walking Dead and our tradition of I Love You Man, root beer floats and pirouettes. We took them to all the places they don’t have back where they live (H&M, Ikea, Trader Joe’s, etc.) We ended the whole event with a night of grilling, pumpkin carving and fire pit at my mom’s house. It was SUCH a great time and so wonderful to have them visit.

2. Gender – On Bill’s birthday we had our 20 week ultrasound which means we got to find out the gender of this kiddo I’ve been carrying around for the last couple months. Turns out it’s a she which surprised both Bill and myself. I’m pretty sure all of the grandparents did a little happy dance as they all seemed to be rooting for a girl. I think it surprised Bill the most because after the ultrasound tech announced it was a girl he nearly passed out. There was lots of heavy, deep breathing and he had to steady himself on the table I was laying on as to not collapse on the floor. After a few “oh my Gods” he announced that we must purchase a gun. It took me a few days to process it as well. Quite honestly I had a pregnancy freak out. I couldn’t get over the fact that at some point in her life she won’t like me. Because every girl at some point goes to battle with her mother. Most of us come back around. But I just couldn’t get over the fact that this life I’m carrying around, caring for, giving up coffee for, is one day going to think I’m horrible. I finally realized I have a long time before that happens and I think the crazy hormones finally quit rearing their ugly head and I’m extremely excited to have another female in the house, 3 to 1. Take that Bill.

3. Halloween – We bought a lot of candy this year. The first year we ran out. Last year we spent the evening in the emergency room. This year I was a pregnant cowgirl (ie. I wore jeans, did my hair in a side braid and work a cowboy hat) and Bill did a last minute homeless man costume. We sat in the yard and handed out candy until we ran out and then went to a friends house for a costume party. It was low key cause my allergies were going nuts. My favorite part was seeing all the kids’ costumes and meeting neighbors and ending the evening with close friends. (Below is my pumpkin.)

4./5. Registry/A Fuzzy Elephant – After we found out that we are having a baby girl we went ahead and started our registry. The evening we found out Bill stated, quite matter-of-factly that we have to buy her first stuffed animal, it must be an elephant, it has to be fluffy and soft, and she will carry it around by it’s trunk. During our registry adventure we found this little guy. He’s perfect.


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  1. michelle November 10, 2012 at 6:44 pm #

    So excited for you two!!! A little girl is such a joy to have. I LOVE LOVE the elephant and so will baby girl. Do you have her name picked out yet? Love and miss y’all a ton!!!