Loving Newborn Photography

I would not call myself a newborn photographer. I’ve always said my favorite things to shoot are couples, seniors, and families. It’s what we specialize in. It’s what I know. But my couples eventually have babies and they want me to take their picture too (there is nothing more honoring than this). So over the last 6-12 months I’ve really worked on honing my newborn photography skills (thus the workshop with Brenda Horan).

Newborn Photography Houston

Newborn photography is an art, completely different from any other kind of photo session I do. I am in 95% control of the session (5% goes to the baby because they call the shots when it comes to cooperation). But once that little peanut is asleep I pose, I design the shot, I do it all. There’s no, “hey can you look to the left” or “just drop your chin down a little” or “relax your fingers just a smidge”. They just sit there all curled up and new and perfect. And I’m really starting to love it.

Newborn Photographer Spring, TX

Yes all you friends and family who said, “as soon as you have a baby you’ll want to photograph babies all the time”, can go ahead and pat yourselves on the back. Newborn sessions get me excited about the little one growing inside me, what he or she will be like, and the 1,000s of newborn shots I will take of him/her. Bill (my husband) is my assistant on all sessions and it’s SO fun to see him interact with the newborns, holding them and talking to them until he can get them asleep. His 6’2″ stature makes them look all the smaller and working with him on these sessions makes my heart warm.

baby photos spring, tx

So there you have it, bring on the newborns! I’m ready to take their picture!!

newborn baby photographer spring

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