Christmas Gift Ideas – Organic Bloom Frames

At Diliberto Photo & Design we carry the ever so wonderful Organic Bloom Frames. And while the frames look lovely around an image there are TONS of other ways they can be used.

Last year The Organic Bloom put together this AMAZING holiday catalog which can be viewed online here. It’s chock full of amazing images of beautifully used Organic Bloom frames for so much more than just to frame a photo. Here are a few of our favorites:

Organic Bloom Frame Tree

Photo Courtesy of The Organic Bloom

I adore this mini ornament frame tree. There are so many possibilites with an idea like this, think of the color combinations and places you could use it. You could do a branch tree like above or a small Christmas tree. When the baby comes I’ll definitely be doing a frame with the kiddos Christmas photo in it for every year.

Photo Courtesy of The Organic Bloom

I seriously love this frame inside of a wreath. When you order your Organic Bloom frame from us you can also order a chalk board insert to go inside it. These would be great on kid’s bedroom doors, used for food labels at parties and pretty much whatever you can dream up.

Photo Courtesy of The Organic Bloom

This was a coming soon item last Christmas but it is available!! It’s a great addition to any entry way and bonus, it keeps you organized.

Photo Courtesy of The Organic Bloom

Jewelry into art! I love the idea of putting some burlap or fabric in your Organic Bloom frame and using it to display jewelry.

Like I mentioned, there are tons of ideas in The Organic Bloom catalog. And below you’ll find all the ordering details…

Ordering Organic Bloom frames from Diliberto Photo & Design for Christmas

-There are tons of colors and styles to choose from. E-mail us at for prices. You can take a look at all the styles and options at

-Ordering deadline to get your frames in time for Christmas is November 1st. All the frames are high quality and hand painted so production takes a bit of time.

-To place your order e-mail us at or call us at 281.409.3723.

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