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I love our printable party designs that we sell in our Etsy store. Designing them is my outlet. It’s something I get to design just for me (and ultimately the wonderful people who purchase them). I get an idea and I go for it. Recently I was thinking of all the other things people could print at home, especially in this age of DIY, crafty, creative folks. Then I had an idea, and I went for it…Printable Custom Recipe Cards. I may be the only person on earth who would use or appreciate these but I made them anyway and they’re there on our etsy shop for sale.

My friends and I love to share recipes and I’ve got loads of post-its around my kitchen and on our kitchen home command center that would be much more organized if they were written on a recipe card. I figure they’d make a great Christmas gifts too with a nice waterproof pen, tied with ribbon or with your favorite recipe written on one with all the ingredients or a special pan to make it with.

I’m currently working on a few more designs but for the moment The Vintage Custom Name Recipe Card is the only one I have completed and in the shop.

Printable Custom Recipe Card

They’re very “me”. But I figure they could be very someone else too.

Printable Custom Name Recipe Card Gift

Like I said, more designs are coming, but in the mean time I’m really excited about these!! Hopefully you are too.

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What kinds of designs would you like to see for Custom Printable Recipe Cards? What other printable gifts could you use?

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