5 Things: Fall, Work, Seniors 2013, Workshop, Doggie Diet

1. Fall – I’ve decided. I’m ready for fall. Really, really ready. I’m ready for the smells of fall: pumpkin pie, cinnamon, nutmeg and fire pits. I’m ready for the cool breezes. I’m even ready for the leaves to tumble off the trees, though sometimes that doesn’t happen so much, it’s just not cold enough for us to have TRUE changing of the seasons. Still, I’m ready.

Fall in Virginia

Fall in Virginia, November 2005

2. Work – August is a slow month. In the next 12 months I’ll be coming up with a way for August not to be so slow. But I’m pretty sure it’s slow for everyone in our industry, people are so focused on last minute summer vacations and going off to college and back to school shopping. I suppose when I have kids I’ll be thankful for a slow August business wise because I assume all that back to school shopping and school supplies shopping (which I seriously love by the way) will take up much of my free time. In the mean time I’ve been focusing on our branding and experimenting with photography and honing my skills.

Mike DelaFlor of MDCommunications

A Recent Photo Session for Mike Delaflor of MD Communications and Wacom

3. Seniors 2013 – While August has been slow it also marks the start of a new group of Seniors. This means that March, April, and May will be chock full of Senior Photo Sessions which makes me giddy like a kid in a candy store. I love the collaboration with my seniors where we design the theme of the shoot around them. I love working with them to design custom graduation announcements using the photos from their session. And I really love the interaction I have with the parents as they are watching their child grow up and on to a new stage of life. Senior Photo Sessions are probably some of my favorites to shoot and I can’t wait to get to know my 2013 Seniors!

Senior pictures 2012

A shot from our first 2013 Senior Photo Session

4. Workshop – I’m always for improving my art. I’ve learned a lot through classical black and white dark room training, oodles of classes, working for other photographers, industry training, and experience but I’m certainly not done. I have a lot left to learn and I’m pretty sure I will constantly be learning and improving. Which is why I attended a workshop on newborn photography with Brenda Horan of Brenda Horan Photography in Tulsa, OK.

First off Brenda is amazing, I worked for her back when I lived in Tulsa and she’s just incredible at what she does and has such a heart to share her knowledge. I don’t do a ton of Newborn Photography but I enjoy it and definitely wanted to learn more. So I spent a Saturday afternoon with Brenda, her assistant, a few other photographers as well as two newborn baby boys learning everything I could about this art form. By the end of the day my brain was chock full of ideas and techniques which I can’t wait to try out on my next newborn client.

One of my shots from the workshop

5. Doggie Diet – Sam, our black lab, went to the vet for her annual check up and an array of vaccines she was due for. She does really well at the vet, if anything she gets too excited about going there. Everything looks good but the poor girl has to be on a doggie diet. She’s not too over weight, but she loves to eat the cat food at her Dog Grandmother’s house, which can really add pounds to her doggie body. The vet said to feed her a cup and a half in the morning (normally she’d get a cup in the morning and afternoon) and in the evening give her baby carrots. When the vet said this I laughed out loud. But we have a dog that will eat just about anything, and I have to admit she’s really loving her baby carrots. And it’s working too, she’s already looking a little thinner around the mid-section. I wonder if the diet would work on humans.

Dog Photography

An Instagram of Sam, you can follow me at DilibertoPhoto

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