Michael & Laura :: A Tulsa, Oklahoma Wedding Part 2

So last week I posted part one of Michael & Laura’s wedding in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Can you guess what’s next?

Yep, part two.

You deserve a cookie.

There’s always that one photo from a shoot that makes you go “heck yeah”. That photo from this shoot was completely unplanned. Our time to shoot photos between the ceremony and reception was cut a tad short so near the end of the reception I stole Laura and Michael to do a few bride and groom shots. What happened next may have never happened had we had the time we originally planned on. Had the stars not aligned. Had Michael not totally blown my mind.

It went like this. I’m shooting a few shots and Michael starts to unbutton his shirt. I went with it. As he pulls his shirt apart the superman logo shows through the opening. I could not have planned that. Even if I had, I don’t know if I could convince a groom to wear a superman shirt under his tux. It would certainly be a challenge to get the bride’s approval. In that moment I experienced nerdy photographer bliss. Here’s the part two of their wedding and the heck yes photo.

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