Checking Things Off My Pinterest

Really, who doesn’t love Pinterest? It’s unlimited inspiration for the do-it-yourselfer. You see something you love, a tutorial, a design idea, a recipe and with the click of a button it’s pinned in your digital inspiration board. But I’m curious how often people actually take advantage of that easily accessed idea and follow through and do it. Lately, in my free time, that’s been my goal: check things off my Pinterest boards. From recipes to DIYs I’m marking things off with a very accomplished “DONE” in the comments. And since I’m so very proud of myself I thought I’d show you what I’ve been up to.

THEIR’S: Refrigerator Pickled Hot Peppers by dlyn

I had a TON of banana peppers and jalepenos from the garden so I was searching for some canning recipes. This was a super easy recipe that I found through a google search, which was handy because I’ve never canned before. I can’t say how it’s turned out yet cause they’re going to have to sit for a few weeks but, bonus, Donalyn’s blog is pretty great. She’s a gardener, writer, and cook, weird that I have so much in common with a stranger from rural upstate NY. So thanks Donalyn for the recipe!

Refrigerator Pickled Hot Peppers

THEIR’S: Burp Cloth Gift Sets from MADE

A total of 8 of our friends are pregnant or just now having babies. It’s baby town over here which means a whole lot of showers and baby gifts and tiny things. I wanted to give handmade gifts but needed something I could sort of make in bulk since there are so many babies around these days. I am an avid reader of Dana’s blog and have pinned tons of her tutorials. Sadly this is the first of her tutorials I have actually finished (Dana, if you read this I promise more are in progress). It was pretty easy and I put Bill to work turning the clothes rite-side out so it ended up being a family affair.

Handmade Burp Cloths

THEIRS: Reusable Swiffer Dusters by Sew Much Ado

I love creative cleaning supplies. The swiffer duster and the swiffer mop are some of my favorites. What I don’t love is buying expensive pads and cleaners. (Which is why I did a tutorial on how to refill your swiffer mop solution.) I read so many tutorials on how to make these but ended up following Abby’s on Sew Much Ado. The only alteration I made was I used fleece instead of flannel but I’m sure flannel works just as well (Abby swears by it). I bought the fleece before reading her tutorial so that’s the only reason I didn’t go with flannel. I ended up making a TON of these and handed them out to friends. We’ve washed ours a few times and it’s still awesome. Thanks Abby.

Reusable Swiffer Dusters

THEIR’S: Ribbon Organization by Unknown

A very unruly box of ribbon made me a tad crazy any time I visited it. I found this image on Pinterest but it’s one of those lovely pins that don’t go anywhere (does that make anyone else nuts?). It took me a while to remember to buy find one of these little baskets from Wal-Mart. Once I did I used skewers to thread through the ribbon rolls and organized my little heart out. It was an easy in front of the TV project.

THEIR’S: Spray Painted Lamps by Living Savvy

About four months ago I picked up two hunter green lamps at the Re-Store for $2 a piece. I JUST got around to spray painting them. I still need to do the clear coat that Tiffany suggested. I will admit that her’s turned out much better than mine (my spray painted frame was much better). I was a tad too…excited…about painting them and skipped that whole sandpaper and wiping down part. If you do this tutorial DON’T skip those steps. They’re important. My husband also pointed out that I painted them outside in 100 degree heat which made the spray paint dry a little funny. Go me. Either way Tiffany’s blog is great lots of fun ideas there.

And those have been my most recent adventures in Pinterest land. I will push on, continuing to complete some of those pinned projects. If you’re interested you can follow me on Pinterest here

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Have you completed any projects from your Pinterest Boards? How’d they work out?

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  1. Tiffany June 13, 2012 at 9:04 am #

    Thank you so much for the mention! I love trying my pins and have been thinking about doing a monthly link party to the effect. Love seeing your projects! I will be checking out the re usable swifter!

    • Chris June 13, 2012 at 9:33 am #

      You’re definitely welcome. I’ve never been part of a link party and would love to join up if you do one!

  2. Jess June 13, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

    I feel like I NEVER have time to finish anything. I have a whale I’ve started to crochet for Roxy, a rabbit as well, a felt doll, Haven’s baby blanket, a hat for a friends newborn, the blanket for the Driver’s wedding. YES, their WEDDING, that was forever ago, and a list a mile long. OH, and those crochet balls. GAH!!! My life is not my own…bummer.

    • Chris June 13, 2012 at 3:10 pm #

      Jess, I know that feeling! My solution is to make a list of all the projects I have going and not allow myself to add to it until I’ve marked some of them off (which is what I did with the five projects above). It’s sometimes slow going, but it works. :)