How to Reuse Used Candles

If you’re like me you have about a million of these hanging out around your house.

How to reuse old candles

Dead candles. You know, the ones where the wick has burnt all the way down. Or the ones where the wick has buried itself in wax. Most people toss these. I have a box in the garage where I toss them for later use. The wax is still good. Real good. Good enough to make more candles with. And here’s how…

You’ll Need:
-Old/used candle wax
-An old pot, one you don’t plan on cooking in, hit up a thrift store for a cheep one
-A metal container like a coffee can
-A Glass or metal jar or container
-Candle Wicks (you can get these at your local craft store)
-Wick holders (you can get these at your local craft store)
-Wax paper
-Dish cloth

1. Break up your wax and put it in the coffee can. I had a pirouette can so that’s what I used. Crimp the side of the coffee can so it creates a hand pour spout. Fill your pot 1/2 way with water and put your can full of wax inside. Turn on the heat and get the water boiling. Your can may float a bit, stick something heavy on top to keep it from floating.

how to reuse candle wax
2. Once the wax melts use your pliers to pull out any old wicks and wick stoppers.

3. While you’re waiting for wax to melt, prep the rest of your project. Put your dish town on your counter top and cover it with wax paper. This is to make any spills easy to clean up (and reuse).

5. Put your wick in the wick stopper and crimp it closed with your pliers.

6. Grab your glass jar or metal container (tin cans work wonders). I used a jelly jar. Measure your wick in your container and leave a good amount of space at the top. Tie it off to a pen, screwdriver, popsicle stick, whatever. This is to keep the wick from sinking in the wax as it dries.

7. Pick up your coffee can full of melted wax with your pliers (CAREFUL it’s HOT). Pour it into your jar. Insert the wick and let the pen rest on top of the jar. You may need to adjust where you tied it off. (See how I spilled on the wax paper? Yeah that happened because I didn’t crimp a pour spout. You just let that wax dry and then slide it into your melted wax can for use later.)

8. Let it dry overnight. Don’t let the wax fool you. It will look dry in a few hours. You’ll take off the pen holder. And when you wake up in the morning your wick will have sunk in the wax.

9. Note, you may want to go back after a bit and do another refill. The wax tends to contract when it’s dry.

10. Enjoy your new candle!

There are 100s of ways to change this up. Most craft stores carry molds where you can make more pillar candles. I only buy unscented or vanilla candles so I didn’t have to worry about mixing scents. BUT you can always add more scents too (also found at your craft store). You can play with the containers, add coloring, whatever. But the best part is, you’re reusing material (wax, coffee cans, jars, etc.) instead of throwing it away. Go you!

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