What I’ve Been Up To

Holy crow life has been busy these last few weeks. I’ve been a graphic designer photographer crazy person, it’s been all logos, websites, grad announcements, writing news articles, new facebook cover photo designs (for when facebook changes Pages to the new timeline layout), business cards, and photo session prep around here. In my blogging absence I thought I’d show you what I’ve been working on.

A Couple of Logos
I love logo design. It’s tedious and challenging and when it’s complete and my client is thrilled it’s insanely satisfying. I’ve done two logos over the last two weeks one for Stacy’s For The Love of Cake. If you haven’t tasted her cake you’ve definitely seen it, she does all of the prop cakes and cake pops for my party printables promo photo shoots.

We also rocked out some really lovely/awesome (if I do say so myself) new business cards for Stacy.

The second logo we completed recently was the Epic Generation logo for a church youth group in Maryland. The great thing about this logo is that the entire thing was created long distance the client in Maryland and us here in Houston. I love the wonders of technology. We worked together to bring the client’s vision to life. We did loads of research on Spartan warriors to create the perfect warrior stance for what the client was wanting. There is a lot of symbolism within this logo that goes along with the youth group’s vision. I’ll be doing a blog post on the logo design process using this logo as an example, stay tuned for that.

Church Logo Designer

Graduation Announcements
As most of you know we do a lot of high school senior graduation photo sessions here at Diliberto Photo & Design. High school graduation is an awesome time of growth and change from childhood into the progression of adulthood. I love that I’m able to capture that moment.

I also love that I get to be a part of the festivities as graduation grows closer with custom designed graduation announcements. All our graduation announcements are custom designed, no templates here! I’ve got several in the works at the moment but here’s one that will be on it’s way to the printer here shortly.

Facebook Cover Photos

Shortly (March 30th) Facebook will change over all it’s business Pages to a timeline style layout, if you manage a page, you’ve seen all the tours and prompting to change. I’ll be going over a lot of the changes in tomorrow’s blog post, but one of the cool updates is that you now get a cover photo! I’ve had several clients request I put something together for them in preparation for the change. It’s definitely been fun.

And that’s a glimpse of what I’ve been working on lately. Now back to it!

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