The Suspense Is Killing Me

Trader Joe’s, seriously, “Spring 2012” is not a good enough open date for me for your first Houston, TX location. I’m excited. I’m thrilled. I can not wait. I will probably be there opening day. Music will play. I will skip in slow motion through your store. It will be joyous.

And I’ve never been to a Trader Joe’s (though I have partaken of your goods, excellent).

The thing is, for me to go to a store that has a large selection of organic and natural foods and meats I have to travel about 35 miles (which is more common for Houston than I’d care to admit). The new Trader Joe’s, is 15 miles from my house! That’s like down the street in Houston terms! I will no longer have to scour my local grocery stores for organic items and pay twice the amount. I don’t have to plan my trip to buy some inexpensive organic chicken around traffic or the rest of my plans for the day, I can just go. Like I said, it will be joyous.

Houston Trader Joe's

So Trader Joe’s, I thank you. There’s a huge market for what you sell up here in the northern ‘burbs of Houston. You saw what Whole Foods couldn’t see. (Really Whole Foods, a new location in Katy before the Woodlands? Really?!) And all those other folks in Houston will be happy too when you open locations closer to them (I read that they’ll be taking over the old Alabama Book Stop on Shepard and Alabama).

However, an opening date would make me really happy. Really.

In the mean time I’ll continue to check your website every day.




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  1. Gina March 14, 2012 at 12:05 pm #

    Say whaaa? I love Trader Joe’s. I went once in Cali. It was small, but I saw packaged food there I’d never seen before. Can’t wait!

    • Chris March 14, 2012 at 2:59 pm #

      Yep! They’re coming! I can’t wait!!

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