My First Quilt

My First QuiltI mentioned a while back that I’ve started my first quilt. In my head squares seemed difficult so I decided to do a simple stripe quilt, which I guess is a thing because after I worked it out in my head I started to see them everywhere. And with the help of the lovely Holly over at The Bijou Lovely and her fantastic blog posts and my friend Jamie over at Sunflower Seeds I went into it with an err of confidence and only a speck of what the heck am I doing. And wouldn’t you know, it was rather easy, I only had to rip one seam.

My First Quilt

The quilt is for our living room and is what I’ve now learned to be a baby quilt size. Since our living room is decorated in gray, black, white, and yellow I decided to use gray black and white Daisy Janie organic fabric for the top part and some to be determined yellow fabric for the back. The top is all done and I’m honestly really impressed with my skills (thanks to Holly and Jamie for your tips and encouragement).

I’ve been searching for the perfect yellow fabric for the back. There have been TONS of yellow fabric pins on my sewing projects pinboard on Pinterest. Several times Bill has leaned over, looked at my computer screen and exclaimed, “you’re looking at fabrics again?” After consulting my mom, Bill (who didn’t really have much of an opinion), and several friends I’ve decided on a fabric…

I’m in love with this fabric from Birch Fabric’s Storyboek Two Collection. It is a great yellow (from what I can tell), and has the white and gray in it too! I’ve also been considering adding a bit of blue to the living room as well so thank you tiny blue starfish, you’ll do just fine. It also reminds me a bit of my childhood. We used to spend time at a friend’s beach house on Galveston island when I was a kid and it reminds me of walking the beach early in the morning in my night-gown with my mom and our black lab Conan. We’d collect shells and Conan would chase the sand pipers. The tide would lick our ankles and I’d dig my toes into the wet sand. I look forward to creating similar memories with my kids.

I hope you enjoyed that stroll down memory lane. Now, back to quilting.

So I went to find a place online to order the fabric (I got my Daisy Janie fabric from Paper Thread Fabrics, I highly recommend them). I couldn’t figure out why no one had it until I went to Birch Fabric’s website and saw that my dream quilt backing fabric doesn’t come out until June.


So my first quilt is on hold until June. In the mean time I’m planning for my next quilt, but that’s for another blog post. :)

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  1. jamie mueller March 21, 2012 at 3:25 pm #

    Yeah! So happy for you, can’t wait to see it! Welcome to the addiction of quilting!

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