I Love Instagram

It’s a fact. I love it. There was a section of my life where I wasn’t recording the day to day in photographs because I didn’t want to lug around my giant DSLR. I have a small point and shoot but I just didn’t want to bring that along either. But with the iPhone 4s and its sweet camera I’m seriously loving that I can take pretty decent pictures with something I already carry around anyway.

What I love about instagram is that it records instant memories of my life. It reminds me of having a Polaroid camera. But there was still one problem, they were:

A. Stuck in Instagram
B. Stuck in a digital form.

So I found http://instaport.me/, which was a super easy way to download my entire instagram library.

After unpacking the zipped file and filtering through about 443 images, I ordered 125 5″x5″ prints. I utilized my wholesale printer but there are loads of really great printers that will print your instagram images and even turn them into books, magnets, and a plethora of other really great things.

I’m so excited! It’s the same excitement I felt when waiting for film to develop. My order is currently ready for shipping and I’m hoping to get it today. My plan is to do a photo album of all the pics from the holidays, using a little journaling and notes to enhance the images. The others I’m going to hang in odd places throughout the house like on our home command center, mirrors, night stands, office boards, etc. I’m also searching for a cute little box type holder, I’d love one of these from Anthropoligie to hold them.

I can’t wait to share all my prints!

(oh and if you’d like to follow me on instagram my username is dilibertophoto)

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Have you ordered printed items from your instagram feed?

What has been the best thing you’ve ordered?

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  1. joannegarcia February 17, 2012 at 2:46 pm #

    i only printed a few pics through PostalPix. so great! but i don’t nearly print enough pics these days. i should!

    i want to have them around the house :)

    • Chris February 22, 2012 at 3:10 pm #

      Print more!! They’re wonderful!