Using Magnetic Paint

The one thing I knew I wanted was for the inside of our pantry door to be magnetic. I went through countless options to make this happen and finally settled on Rust-oleum’s Magnetic Primer. Don’t let the tiny box fool you, it’s freaking heavy. I was very very skeptical about the paint but I thought I’d give it a try and see what happened.

rustoleum magnetic paint

I started off by lightly sanding the door to be sure the primer would stick. Once you open the can do some arm warm ups cause you’ll be mixing for a while. The stuff is thick and you have to mix it to be sure it goes on correctly. And you’ll be mixing between each coat. They reccomend doing 2-3 thin coats, I did 8, just to be sure it would work. You can also paint over the magnetic primer with any color or even with chalk board paint.

Magnetic Paint

I took off the door handle and taped off the area I wanted magnetic. I knew I’d be putting a fabric covered cork board on the bottom half so I didn’t see a reason to make that part magnetic. I also made sure to cover the floor with a plastic drop cloth. I really like the high density foam rollers for small jobs like this but they can splatter pretty easily. The first picture shows one coat, the second is Bill testing out the final coat, and the third is my first coat of white paint.

Home Command CenterAs you can see the final product looks pretty much like the original version but with one added bonus, it’s MAGNETIC!

I found a lot of really great pieces to add to our command center which I will share with you on the next post and final command center post.

If you missed it, check out how to make a fabric covered cork board.

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