The Granola Escapades – It’s Been A While

The Granola EscapadesRawfully Organic Co-Op

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about our whole “going organic” adventure. It’s been going very well, we’ve phased out most of the non organic things in our pantry, replacing them with more wholesome items which have ingredients that I can pronounce and understand.

I’ve been playing with a lot of really delicious recipes. Bill bought me two WONDERFUL organic cook books for Christmas and I plan on reading them as soon as I get a second to myself. The above left is an AMAZING boc-choy stir fry I made. I’ll have to share the recipe soon.

We’ve still been getting organic shares from The Rawfully Organic Co-Op here in Houston and I have a back log of photos to share. So much bounty of deliciousness!! The local organic strawberries have been my favorite (oh the joys of living in a place where the average winter temp is around 65 degrees), they’re usually gone by the time we get our share back to the house.

Mint From My GardenOrange and Mint Infused Water

Infused water is my new obsession as I try to increase my intake by about 1000%. I’ve been drinking water with cucumber or pineapple in it for years but lately I’ve really gotten creative with the combinations. That’s the beauty of infused water, you can pretty much add anything to it and get a slight boost of flavor (and vitamins) that make your water just a little more…flavorful. Most recently, organic orange slices and mint from my garden is a favorite.

Veggie Turkey BurgersKickin' Kombucha

I’ve also been playing with “hiding” veggies in our foods. Bill isn’t a huge fan of most cooked vegetables so it’s been a challenge for me cook them in a way that he’ll eat them. The “way” being that he doesn’t know he’s eating them. I recently made some AMAZING turkey burgers with shaved carrots and zucchini, it was a recipe that had had been mulling around in my head for a while and it turned out awesome. And bonus, he loved them! I’ll be sharing it soon.

We’ve also discovered locally (Houston) made Kickin’ Kombucha, which we love. Kombucha is basically fermented tea with yeasts and all kinds of other cool living things that make it fizzy and delightful (for a really fancy description visit Kickin’ Kombucha’s FAQ page) . It’s good for you and delish, which means we’re for it! I recently (like today) found this great blog called Deliciously Organic, and Karrie posted a very cool recipe to make your own Kombucha. I can’t wait to try it.

On a side note both the Deliciously Organic blog and The Rawfully Organic Co-Op use the same font for their logo (both in orange too). I noticed it right away. Yes, I am a big fat design nerd. Don’t judge me.

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