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Here at Diliberto Photo & Design we do a lot – portrait photography, wedding and event photography, business branding and marketing, and event and party design.. Today I’d like to focus on our party printables and party design and how we make that all come together by showing you what we did for Bethia and Joel’s wedding.

We started by sitting down with the bride and talking about her vision for her wedding, the color scheme, the look and feel, the style of the event. She wanted colorful and fun so we went with it and came up with an over all graphic design theme for her wedding.

The Wedding Invitations

I was lucky enough to be able to do a For The Love of Couples engagement session with Bethia and Joel and we knew they wanted to include an image or two on their invitation. Even though the invitation would be seen by guests months before the wedding I knew I wanted it to coordinate with design elements we’d use later in the wedding decor and accessories. So I created their own wedding seal, which we used on their invitations, party printables, and their photo guestbook.

custom wedding invitation design

What else is great is that if we replaced the date with their home address created awesome return address labels for their custom thank you cards!

Custom Wedding Invitation Design

The Decorations and Printable Decor

We had a lot of fun working together to create Joel & Bethia’s custom printables and wedding decor. Bethia was a very hands on bride and did a ton of crafting with friends and family to create her perfect wedding. Her boquet was probably my favorite of all time!

Antique Broach Bouquet

She created it using antique broaches she found on ebay and local antique stores. It was beautiful.

Anyways, back to the printables. Bethia knew she needed 2″ Circles for cupcake toppers, food labels, and 2″ thank you circles. At first she had planned on doing adorable colorful bags with different artisan sandwiches in them so we created these to stick onto the colorful bags:

Custom Party Food Labels

Last minute they changed the food menu so we scrapped these awesome food labels and went a different direction. I still love these labels and hope I can eventually find a way to use them.

Bethia planned on making tons of cupcakes and using them on tiered platters for the centerpieces. She asked if I could create 2″ party circles they could attach to lollypop sticks and use at cupcake toppers. We utilized their personal seal as well as elements from their invitation to create the 2″ circle cupcake toppers.

Party Printables by Diliberto Design

We also created 2″ thank you circles with the phrase “thank you for sharing in the merriment” as their thank you circles. In the wedding invitation wording that Bethia wrote “to be followed thereafter by merriment, dinner, music, and cupcakes” which is where we got the thank you for sharing in the merriment line. The cheers wine glasses were from their invitation.

Wedding Accessories

While the whole wedding was AMAZING, and Bethia did a great job of bringing everything together, one of my favorite things was their photo guestbook.

Photo Guestbook

It’s an exclusive item from Diliberto Photo & Design, we explained the whole thing a while back on this blog post. Basically we used photos from their engagement session and left space for people to sign. In my opinion it’s way better than a book of people’s signatures.

To top it all off, we also used their custom wedding seal on the back of the book.

Custom Photo Wedding Guestbook

It was SO fun to be at the wedding and watch people look through the book and sign it. Most people wrote wonderful message to the bride and groom and I hope that this book becomes a cherished piece in their home that holds tons of memories and love from family and friends.

Photo Wedding Guestbook

The last and final thing we created for Joel and Bethia’s wedding was the little instructional signs which were framed in inexpensive frames. Signs like these need a bit of planning but they really bring it all together and helps guests know what to do. For Bethia and Joel we did a sign the guestbook sign and a few other instructional ones as well as two quotes that really summed up who they are together. The one below by Dr. Seuss is probably my favorite:

“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”

And that’s how we bring it all together. For Bethia and Joel’s wedding I had the pleasure of working directly with the bride but we love working with wedding planners too. These custom wedding collections are some of my favorite to create and the most exciting part is seeing them in use, among all the other elements of the wedding and decor.

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  1. joannegarcia January 24, 2012 at 3:12 pm #

    I love all these fun items! What a great way to give the wedding a personal, cohesive look to things during such a special event.

    You do such an amazing job tying everything together.

  2. Bethia January 24, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

    Hey it’s my wedding! I’m so glad I chose to have you guys design everything. I had so many wonderful comments on how great all of these different elements were and how well they tied our wedding together. Working with you was such an easy experience and I try to recommend you to anyone who is getting married and/or planning a party or event!!!!! :)