Little Boy’s Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party Decorations

These dinosaur 2″ circle party printable decorations are piping HOT off the presses (or off the computer I suppose). I haven’t even shot the promo shots for them yet. I was just too excited to have them just sit in my computer files, waiting to be shared with the world.

I’m really really excited about them!

I don’t think you could tell.

They make me wish I had a little boy to throw a dinosaur party for because as I was making them I was getting all these awesome ideas of party games and DIY projects. And since I don’t have a little boy to share them with I’ll just share them here on my blog so I can live vicariously through mom’s with little boys and dinosaur themed parties.

First off, I created an Dinosaur Birthday Party Etsy Treasury and there is A LOT of cool stuff out there, but more on that in a moment.

A Dinosaur Birthday Party Game

So I thought it would be hecka cool if you did a child style archeological dig. It would be great if you already had a sandbox, if not I suppose you could use a tarp and cover it with sand. OR you could use the game as a good excuse to build a sandbox <link to a SWEET sandbox I pinned. But make sure you build a sandbox with a cover on it, or neighborhood cats will thank you for building them the ultimate giant litter box. And let’s face it, you don’t want your party guests digging for that kind of treasure.

Personalized Sand Pails1. I found these very cool personalized sand pails from DeLaDesign over on etsy. She’ll do them in just about any color, so you can have them match the green, orange and blue in the party printable design. She will also do them with a SWEET dinosaur on them instead of the alligator pictured. The goal is to get your guest list nailed down ahead of time (by sending out our dinosaur themed printable party invites, wink wink) so you can have Debi over at DeLaDesign create one for each of your guests. I’d definitely suggest getting a few extras, without names, just in case.

2. So what will your child guests be digging for…well anything really, candy, fake dinosaur bones, those little plastic dinosaurs you can get at the dollar store, tubes of bubbles, anything. OR they could dig for this. Yep, that’s right, its concrete dinosaur bones, and at a great price too. I’m the educational type so I’d take the opportunity to teach the kids all about archeology and dinosaur bones and all of that.

They’d love me or they’d hate me.

3. But they’re guarenteed to love me if they’re also digging for these. This are probably the coolest cookies ever! They come individually wrapped in cellophane bags with ribbon. If you made sure that ribbon was tied really tight I’m pretty sure you could bury these in your sandy archeological dig without them getting…sandy.

Concrete Dino BonesDino Bone Cookies



The rest of the Dinosaur Birthday Party Etsy Treasury is below, there’s a lot of really good stuff down there; handmade dinosaur bunting, dinosaur shaped crayons, and patterns for DIY crochet Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus and Triceratops. I’ve also included some decoration staples like cupcake papers, cupcake stand, dino cookies, striped straws, and an oilcloth tablecloth in coordinating colors. It’s the perfect dino party for sure!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

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