TGE – What’s In Box #2

Here’s the second installation of the sub category What’s In The Box of The Granola Escapades, which mean’s we’re still going with this whole organic thing!

Organic Co-Op ShareThis week we received: romaine lettuce, MORE kale, an unknown green (it’s sitting on top of the kale on the right), cilantro, cherry tomatoes, assorted pears, assorted apples (I bought extra granny smiths for Thanksgiving apple pie), cucumber, green bell pepper, celery, beefsteak tomatoes, red onion, oranges, avocado, carrots, sweet potatoes, persimmons (never had one of those), and pomegranates!

I’m super excited about this week’s share! I have plans for home made salsa and organic home made apple pies. I’ve never tried a persimmon but I hear they’re a delight. Is it totally lame that we’re going to have to google how to eat it? And yum for pomegranates.


My question this week is does anyone know what the mystery green leafy veggie is? Also how to cook it would be grand? And while the soup was delish, we’re still looking for kale recipes.

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