TGE – What’s In Box #1

Can you have a blog series with a sub series? Well it’s happening. This is What’s In The Box, a sub series of The Granola Escapades (or TGE for short). We’ll share with you what was in our last share from Rawfully Organic Co-Op with lots of pretty pictures and some ideas for what we plan on doing with the random items in our share.

This is also the place where I’ll go…

“Kale, what the heck do I do with kale?”

And you can go, “Hey Chris, try this great kale recipe!”

And then I will and I will send you a virtual high five (or maybe a virtual hug, it depends).

So What’s In Box #1…

Organic Co-Op Share

Dreamy isn’t it?

The week we got: romaine lettuce, broccoli, celery, pineapple, watermelon, carrots, bananas, KALE, green beans, a variety of apples, juicing oranges (I can not tell you how delicious these are), a variety of pears, avocado, cucumber, a lot of zucchini (which Bill does not like so I’ll have to hide it in something), green onion, green bell pepper, lemons, basil, cherry tomatoes (they taste like candy, SO good), and a cantaloupe.

Organic ProduceI think I explained in the first The Granola Escapades post that my deal with Bill was that if we did this organic/co-op thing, he had to eat everything, even the veggies he didn’t like. And let me tell you he’s a tad bit picky. But to my surprise he agreed. So that zucchini over there on the left, yeah, he’ll be eating it!

Organic Cherry Tomatoes

Organic PearsNow is where I ask…what the heck do I do with kale? I think I’ve had it in soup…once. And I’m pretty sure they use it to decorate around salad bars. And that’s about all I know.

So, do you have any great kale recipes?

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