A Tulsa Wedding Part 2

Sorry the photos are a bit out of order. These first few are shots of the massive amount of wedding prep that went on. Bethia did an amazing job putting together all the details and arrangements. Bride, Groom, family and friends all did their part to make it all happen. It was wonderful.

Wedding Prep Photography Cupcakes

Wedding Prep Photos

Even right down to the cupcake wrappers.

Wedding cupcakes

I love this picture of towering cupcake boxes with Joel’s head peaking over the top. It makes me giggle.

Wedding Rehearsal Photography

Now down to the rehearsal, here’s all the guys plus Bethia’s dad’s fingers.

Bride and Groom at the Wedding Rehersal

Yep I’m a big nerd.

Told ya.

AAAANNNND now back to the wedding…

baby photography

This is Tabitha’s son Asher (Tabitha twirled in the amazing light for me back in A Tulsa Wedding Part 1). I’m totally in love with this kid. He’s super squishy and insanely smart for a 4 month old, plus he’s cuddly and totally fell asleep in my arms at the wedding.

The Garter toss wedding photography

Signing the guestbook wedding photos

Here’s Bill signing the photo wedding guestbook that we put together. It was so cool to see everyone’s notes and signatures in it.

Wedding Photography The Groom

Wedding Photos

And this is Steven, Asher’s daddy. We had a photo war.

Wedding photography Tulsa OK

All of a sudden there was this weird moment of man love between Bill and Joel. I’m not really sure what it was all about and Bethia and I laughed about this photo later.

Wedding Photograph Tulsa OK

Wedding feet

I eventually changed out of my gray suede wedges into sparkly toms. I guess a few other ladies did the same because I found these shoes abandoned on the floor.

Bill and I wedding photo

And finally a picture of Bill and I.

Bridal Photography Tulsa OK

And no wedding is complete without a twirling bride.

Looks like I took more pictures than I thought…so stay tuned for Tulsa Round 3 or if you missed it check out A Tulsa Wedding Part 1.

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