A Tulsa Wedding Part 1

I love weddings. I love planing them. I love shooting them. I love going to them.

This past week we went to Tulsa to celebrate our two good friends Joel and Bethia. I love them. For serious.

Wedding Hair

Baby Photography

There were babies babies everywhere. We got our fill, but now that we’re home I’m missing the squishy babies.

Party Printables by Diliberto Design

I had the honor of creating custom party printables for Bethia and Joel’s wedding, it was so much fun collaborating with the and trying to create elements that really showed who they are. Seeing them in use made me smile.

Bride Getting Ready Photograph Diliberto Photo and Design

It was super weird not the be the photographer and to instead be photographed in a wedding (I was a bridesmaid). In an attempt to still get photos of my friend and stay out of the photographer’s way I started to sneak into one of the showers in the getting ready room. To my surprise it turned on. I was SO confused and couldn’t figure out what was going on. Luckily the curtain was between myself and the heavily spraying water, thank you shower curtain, you helped me avoid what could have been a very wet and tragic experience.

The Groom Photograph

Joel pulled me away from Bethia getting ready to ask about the order of the reception. I think he was nervous.

Wedding Photography

Like I said it was super weird to not be the photographer, so Tabitha (a friend and fellow bridesmaid) twirled around in the beautiful light and fall leaves while Bill tossed leaves into the air and I shot photos. At that moment I knew these people loved me. Tee Hee.

Wedding Photo Bride and Groom

The photographer was a trooper and let me get my fill of a few shots, the light was just SO amazing!!

Wedding Photography Tulsa, OK Bride and Groom

I’m excited to see the rest of their wedding photos, I love shooting weddings with two photographers because though you may be shooting the same thing the perspective can be immensely different.

Wedding Photography Tulsa, OK

Tulsa OK Wedding Photographer

Have I mentioned that I love these two?

Tulsa OK wedding photographer Bride and Groom

Wedding Photographer Tulsa, OK

Tulsa OK wedding photographer the exit

Congratulations Joel and Bethia we love you both and are insanely excited for you!
(more to come in A Tulsa Wedding Part 2)

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