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The entry way is one of the spaces in our house I’ve thought a lot about but done little to nothing with. I have big plans, but because of time and budget (if we paint the entry way, we have to paint the living room, kitchen, dining room and hallway cause they’re all connected) I’ve only done arrangements in it. I want it to be spectacular because its the first thing people see when they walk into our home. And I knew I wanted a fancy frame in high gloss black.

So one day I went to an estate sale with my dad, its kind of this thing we like to do together.

And I saw this frame…

Well not THAT frame exactly…but an old school gold sort of gaudy (unless you’re into that style) frame very similar to the one above that was exactly what I’d been looking for to frame a photo of Bill and I from our wedding in our entryway.

And it was $5.

Yes there were more than one.

No I did not buy them all.

Yes I am still kicking myself.

The plan: spray paint it high gloss black.

The frame I got was roughly about a 17×24″ frame (thats the inner cut out). I saw a similar one, high gloss black at a craft store for $39, and it was an 8×10″ frame.

Yes I’m still kicking myself for not buying them all.

Diliberto Photo and Design- How to repaint an antique gold frame

So hear’s coat #1 of the spray paint. And no, we don’t have any grass in our front yard because of the drought and my refusal to pay a one million dollar water bill. Please excuse our dust bowl.

Anywho I think I did about six thin coats, spraying back and forth to be sure everything got covered evenly and without gobbing on spray paint.

And here’s the final look:

Diliberto Photo and Design- How to repaint an antique gold frame

I still have tons to do in the entry way, lots of plans and I’m not totally sold on the picture being the only thing hanging there centered on the wall but I haven’t figured out what else to up there. I’m very particular about everything in our house having some sort of meaning. The entry way table is actually a dressing table, its an antique and it was my grandmothers. We had it shipped here all the way from New York. The wine corks are a collection of what we’ve had over the years and what friends and family have collected for us (more on that in an upcoming post). Lastly, the small photo is of Bill and I under the LOVE statue in Philly, where Bill is from.

I’m still playing with ideas but so far this is what I know I want for sure:

Diliberto Photo and Design- How to repaint an antique gold frame

One day it will be complete and all will rejoice.

I’d love to know what everyone else has done in their entry ways, do you have big entry plans?

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