Redefining the Wedding Guest Book

I’ve never understood the traditional guestbook, a small 5×7 book that a bunch of people sign. What do you do with that? I don’t imagine people look through it years later and say, “Look at Aunt Sue’s signature, OH the memories!” Its not something you’d set on your coffee table for guests to flip through. The best thing it could be for would be to practice your friends’ and families’ signatures if ever you and your new beau turn to a life of crime and forgery.

So I’ve decided to redefine the wedding guestbook.

Diliberto Photo & Design Blog Houston Wedding Guestbook

Meet Bethia & Joel’s wedding guestbook. We took their favorite photos from their engagement session, compiled them into a hard bound book, and left some room for signatures and notes to be added by loved ones on their big day.

The engagement session is my favorite to shoot and I think the time where the husband-and-wife-to-be get to really shine. We tailor the session around who they are, their interests, and their love and we’re not restricted by wedding planners, or time constraints of the next thing on the wedding day agenda. Its also the time where I get to really know them before the wedding, which makes the day of so much more comfortable.

Diliberto Photo & Design Blog Houston Wedding Guestbook

I’m also doing all the party printable designs for their wedding. I developed this monogram seal which we used on the back of their guestbook, the invitations, and all around the wedding reception. The book is hinge bound, so the pages lay flat. This way you get to see the whole image, pages don’t bend or crease, and its much easier for family and friends to write messages on.

Diliberto Photo & Design Blog Houston Wedding Guestbook

And that’s how we do wedding guest books here at Diliberto Photo & Design!


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