A Week of Insanity & Price Matching

It never fails that I come back from vacation with 1000 things to do. I felt more prepared and together before we left for this trip than any other previous trip. We had everything packed the day before we left, a complete 180 from my normal stay up until 3am the night before departure just to finish packing and paint my toenails. The house was clean before we left. All work had been wrapped up and all etsy orders had been filled.

We left.

For 5 nights and 6 days I turned my brain off.

No cell phone, no internet.

Pure relaxation.

We got back on Saturday.

Today is Friday.

Where the heck did the week go?

I don’t even remember Monday. Can someone remind me what I did that day? I know at some point this week we picked up Sam from my parents, I had several business meetings, a few etsy orders to fill, some photography editing, some graphic design work, had to take my car in, family birthday dinner, youth, some other things…this week flew. And today is Friday and considering we’d been out of town for a week and that I hadn’t purchased groceries in a month and a half I thought it only fitting that I maybe purchase food so my family and I can, you know, eat.

Today, at Walmart, I was labeled a “super shopper” by the woman in line behind me. I’m not sure how I feel about this label.

I’m also a couponer and a price matcher. I was doing it before that extreme couponing show. I started right after college but perfected my system shortly after Bill and I got married. We do one large grocery trip a month on a budget of $300, I save us on average about $75 a month with the price matching and couponing business. Any savings from our grocery budget gets applied to other budgetary items. (WOO HOO)

I must note that I am not a hoarder. If I can find things that we will actually use on sale and with a coupon at an extreme deal I will probably stock up. For example Bill is very brand loyal to Old Spice deodorant and body wash and its not the cheapest stuff around. A while back they were running coupons for buy one body wash get one free. Someone had them on sale for $2 each. Which means I got them each for $1, they’re normally around $4, I bought 4 of them, saved myself $12. Cereal, toiletries, condiments, and chips/crackers are usually the only thing I stock up on considering they all usually have a pretty long shelf life AND we’ll actually use it.

So that was my day today. Work and then grocery shopping. And somehow during this shortest week ever, the house got trashed and even apart from the lawn of dead grass and weeds our yard looks atrocious. Looks like house work is in the cards for the weekend.

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