We Miss The Rain

I remember very very wet summers and very dry summers. A few summers back it rained almost every day, even if it was just for a few minutes. This summer its been hot and dry, very very dry.

I got 4 tomatoes off my 9 plants (two of which were cherry tomatoes).

I have to water my garden every day or everything starts to droop and look pitiful.

Squirrels are oddly lounging on anything that could possible relieve the heat.

A few days ago it rained. And there were joyous screams coming from the children in the neighborhood.

They were playing in the rain. Riding bikes. Splashing in puddles that were collecting on the sidewalk. Pushing each other down the street in recycle bins. It was magical.

I stood outside on the front porch and watched. Bill called me a creepo. I told him I was just rejoicing with the rest of the neighborhood.

Then I saw this.

I guess our neighbor felt the rain was still not enough water. His grass does look a lot better than mine.

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