Kittens Kittens Everywhere

My mom and step-dad have taken it upon themselves to personally assist in the cat over population we have here in Houston. Over the past few months they have become friends of three female neighborhood cats in an effort to capture them and find good homes and/or get them fixed.

In the process all three cats got pregnant. They have sense captured the cats and now have a total of 15 kittens (10-4 weeks old, and 5-1 week old) living in their art studio. They’ve contacted several agencies for assistance and have found an agency that will get all the kittens their first round of shots and I believe fixed as well.

They’ve been documenting the experience and the kittens here, so if you are looking for a kitten for your family please consider adopting one from their kitten family.

They are all REALLY cute and they’ve posted individual pictures of each of the kittens on their Kitten blog.

See told you they were cute. :)

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