I Love Leftovers

And I love repurposing leftovers. It makes me crazy when people are all…”thats just not enough to be worth taking home”. Seriously? Thats a whole other meal with a little creativity.

So the other day Bill and I went out with some friends to Chili’s. I’m not a huge fan of chain restaurants, but I do love me some Chili’s chips and salsa and their fajitas are pretty good too. So I got chicken fajitas for one…and after a very stuffed tummy I had just enough chicken and onions/bell peppers to make about one more taco. So I got a box.

The next day for lunch I had this…

I’ll pause while you wipe the drool off your face.

Ok? Onward.

So I took some mushrooms, chopped em in half and sauteed them with a little garlic and olive oil. A bit before they were done I added the leftover chicken, onion, and bell pepper mixture and some fresh baby spinach.

While that sauteed together I warmed two tortillas in my cast iron skillet and sliced an avocado. When they were all done I assembled them with the sliced avocado and I shaved off some sharp cheese. I honestly can’t remember what this is called, I got it in the market section of Ikea. Its got a tang like a parmesan, but less stinky and a little softer. Somewhere between a parm and a very very very sharp white cheddar.

And that was lunch, leftovers repurposed.

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